Whatsapp increases file delivery limit and Telegram scoffs 😂

by Kelvin

Almost everyone who has a smartphone today knows so much Whatsapp as Telegram, two platforms that have certain similarities; but that one of them continues to lead the way in bringing innovation, so that the user has a variety of options and features. Despite this the two have had a strong rivalry, that today continue to demonstrate as in the last case with the limit of shipments.

If we talk about winners in terms of number of users, WhatsApp he takes the lead by far; but you have to keep in mind that little by little Telegram is gaining ground, especially when they report falls on the platform of Mark Zukerberg (current WhatsApp owner).


Whatsapp increases file delivery

WhatsApp yesterday gave us interesting news, which is certainly of interest to the millions of customers that are currently active. As we well know we had a file transfer limit of up to 16MB That was sometimes very little. In this case the company has decided increase to 100MB; a considerable figure compared to the previous one. This will help us with photographs or videos captured with great weight, like the ones that ethey are in 4K, or documents that break the 50MB barrier; Sincerely it is something of utility and that is appreciated.

On the other hand, Telegram did not wait and this has said in his account Twitter official:

“Do you need to send a message, but the attachment is too large for other messaging apps? Try using Telegram instead, where you can send files up to 1.5 GB “,

In a very funny way the Russian company laughs at this announcement about sending files, highlighting that he leads the way in this and other sections. Among one of the novelties is the ability to schedule a message; what many do not know is that you can send your files up to a limit of 1.5GB a figure that says easy; but that his rival does not offer. Other things that the founder of Telegram "Pavel Durov" claims that his instant messaging platform; It is one of the safest.

This says it in relation to the great inconvenience in as for the data security in which it crosses Facebook. In some ways there is always uncertainty in this regard, it is common to feel that the app with Russian origins makes us feel more secure in every way.

In short, these eternal rivals will continue to demonstrate what they are capable of, hopefully whatsapp take the competition seriously; because one has been noticed great migration to Telegram In the last months. Let's see if the company of "Mark" will respond to this mockery; we may even see another considerable increase in file submissions, in the following days.

Source: Twitter

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