WhatsApp prepares a function to create Boomerangs

by Kelvin
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After we learned that WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to use the same number on several devices at the same time, we now know that the company is preparing another important update that could arrive soon.


Whatsapp is testing and the Boomerang-type loop videos feature is in beta for iOS

The new function will allow you to record short videos, of less than seven seconds, that can be played once after another as a loop, forward and backward. This effect is called Boomerang and is very popular in other apps like Instagram, where there is even a secondary application of the company that allowed to develop short and dynamic videos. It is currently also available in the chamber of Facebook Messenger and in the creation of stories from Facebook.

Apparently you will also join this WhatsApp list, although for now functionality is in the testing phase. When launched, users can access this function from the WhatsApp videos section, where it is now allowed to convert videos into animated GIF images. There the user will have the availability to create these short loop videos and share them with any contact.

As you can see in the video above, the operation of this new update is very simple. The user should only send the video – created or uploaded – to a contact, click on the arrow icon, and immediately create a loop of the video.

At the moment this new WhatsApp function has no release date, it is in a trial period in the iOS operating system of Apple. Given this it is presumed that it will take a little longer to be available for Android.

It is important to highlight that the company has been working on the function for several weeks, with the aim of guaranteeing users an error-free experience. It is assumed that, once the functionality stability is achieved, it will be made available to users in a new update of the app.