WhatsApp: steps to modify the email address and verify your account

by Kelvin
WhatsApp: steps to modify the email address and verify your account

Undoubtedly WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world. Every day hundreds of millions of people use it all over the planet.

WhatsApp: steps to modify the email address and verify your accountWhatsApp: steps to modify the email address and verify your account

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app on the entire planet. And of course, the mass media are the main objectives of hackers.


Also of people who are looking for sensitive information with which to extort money from users with all kinds of rewards. Something nobody is exempt from.

For this reason it is important to know how to edit one of the important aspects of WhatsApp, the verification in two steps, basic to be able to use the app safely.

Two-step verification for WhatsApp allows the user to protect the account in an effective way for most cases.

It happens that when a person tries to install the app and enter your phone number, it is necessary to verify the identity of that person through a series of messages that are received on the mobile phone.

In this way, if the hacker does not have the phone he wants to hack, it is impossible for him to know the code that activates the account or the action he is executing.

This code is usually received by an SMS message, but it can also come by email.

In those cases, it is key to be sure that that email address is still valid.

To do this, if the email address was recently changed, it can be edited within the verification settings in two steps.


-Enter WhatsApp settings

-Press on the “account” menu

-Within this menu click on “two-step verification”

Now in the different sections, click on “Change my email address”

Now WhatsApp will ask to enter the new email address twice, one of them to verify that there was no mistake when entering the address.

Then it only remains to confirm the new email address to finish the process. In this way, if there is any problem with the account, it can always be recovered without identity verification problems.

It is quite common for us to change our default email address, and if we need to quickly recover the account, it is best that all our data be as up-to-date as possible. Therefore this is an action that we should all do immediately as soon as we make any changes to our email accounts.

If the email account was recently changed, there is no need to allow time to pass and the address must also be changed in two-step verification, the security of your WhatsApp account depends on it.

Be careful: “delete for all” of WhatsApp does not always work

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