WhatsApp: the way to know which people can know your location

by Kelvin
WhatsApp: the way to know which people can know your location

This is the way to identify who knows your current location through WhatsApp.

Whatsapp It is one of the most used applications worldwide to send messages, audios, videos, images, files or make a video call.


One of the tools that is very important to know when keeping our information private is to share our location in real time.

Whatsapp Provide the ability to send a contact or group the exact place from which one is writing. Its use is usually very practical for when we want to meet another person and we do not know the area to indicate by means of a message the address where one is.

In this way, by sharing the location in real time, the recipient can enter a map that indicates the exact place of the person and their movements. The time in which this function is active is 15 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the configuration.

To maintain control of the people to whom we share our location WhatsApp allows us to control this function and choose with whom we want to keep it active.

For this you must enter the settings of Whatsapp and go to the "account" option. There a menu will be displayed in which we must look for the “privacy” tab, then click on “real-time location”.

Once inside that menu, Whatsapp It will provide us with the information with which contacts we are sharing the location and the time in which it will expire.

If we need to finish or cancel the sending of the location to a contact, we must go to the bottom of the screen and select the “stop sharing” option. A WhatsApp dialog will open asking us if we are sure we want to deactivate it. After selecting yes, the user can no longer see your current location.

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