WhatsApp Web: messages can now be sent to unbooked numbers

by Kelvin
WhatsApp Web: messages can now be sent to unbooked numbers

A new WhatsApp Web trick allows us to start a new conversation without having to add people as contacts.

WhatsApp Web has several keyboard shortcuts that you probably didn't know

Whether to send files, photos, videos or just to start a conversation, many people use Whatsapp. And thanks to its well-known tool Whatsapp Web, which started to work in 2014, there are a large number of users who do not have to be with the cell phone in hand to answer their messages.


Now, how can we do to write to someone without having it registered on the phone and, especially, through Whatsapp Web. There is a way to achieve it, and you just have to have a program installed: Google Chrome on your PC.

To be able to send a message by Whatsapp Web without adding a contact or grabbing the cell phone, the first thing you have to do is copy the following URL: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=XXXXXXXXXX.

Instagram changed its name just like WhatsApp

When you do, you paste it in Google Chrome and access it, modify the XXXXXXXX at the end by the phone number to which you are going to send a message preceded by the country code.

When you have it, access the URL and it will load a website owned by Whatsapp. In it you will be asked if you are really going to start a conversation with that phone number and in case you confirm it the application will automatically open Whatsapp Web with the chat window to talk to that phone number.

Once you did that, you just have to write the message and send it just as you would in any type of conversation.

Remember that for a few weeks Facebook announced that Whatsapp and Instagram they were going to change their name, and in the last update of the app it happened. If you go to the settings section of Whatsapp, you will see that in the lower part a name appears: Whatsapp desde Facebook.

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