WhatsApp Web will receive new features

by Kelvin

While the version of WhatsApp for iPad arrives or not and a new account system that will make this possible, the company has not fallen asleep on the laurels and continues to prepare a lot of news for its web application. Now, and although it's not official, wabetainfo brings out the new features that the application will include soon. If one day ago the fingerprint blocking systems were present, it seems that also We will see improvements in the gallery system and stickers.

And for some time now, WhatsApp Web has been postulated with one of the great alternatives to use WhatsApp, so any improvement is welcome. In this sense, everything seems to indicate that we will soon receive compatibility with stickers and grouped albums, two of the functions that are already available on the mobile and that are especially useful.


WhatsApp Web will receive new features 4

WhatsApp Web will receive new features 5

In this way, with albums you can group more elements (photos and videos) into a single chat bubble, to save screen space. On iOS and Android It is quite common that when they send us several photos at the same time they appear grouped in an album showing only in the chat the last four received, but in the web all appear sequentially, losing part of the thread of the conversation.

In addition, another interesting option of this feature is that the albums allow to be forwarded or deleted completely, so the user does not need to manually select all the photos. The same will happen, as we have mentioned, with the stickers, which today nor we can send them on the web, and it will change soon.

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