WhatsApp will allow you to save the chat in Google Drive

by Kelvin

WhatsApp is able to make backup copies through Google Drive

One of the things that can be quite cumbersome is that of transfer all WhatsApp data to a new device, this may seem much more complicated if you try to move from Android to iOS and vice versa. For this reason, the company, WhatsApp, has made the decision to soon allow the possibility of backing up chat conversations directly from Google Drive.

WhatsApp will allow you to save the chat in Google Drive 4

The passage of WhatsApp data between platforms will be easier with backups in Google Drive

As we know, currently WhatsApp users with iOS devices have the ability to make backup copies of the chat via iCloud, while Android device users can backup their data directly to their SD card, although this is not a simple process. However, the passage between both platforms is not easy and in most cases users choose to lose data..

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Thanks to this new feature, users will have the ability to backup WhatsApp directly from your Google Drive account. The idea of ​​this is that when the application is installed on a new device we can access Google Drive in order to be able to restore all the data. Thanks to the fact that Google Drive is a cross-platform system, transferring data from Android to iOS or from iOS to Android will be simple.

Discover how WhatsApp data is passed from Android to iPhone and vice versa, Here.

Now, have the possibility of make backup copies of WhatsApp chat on Google Drive, will facilitate access to this copy through virtually any platform, including iPhone users, making the process of switching from one to another really easy.

WhatsApp will allow you to save the chat in Google Drive 5

Users can choose what content will be saved in WhatsApp backups in Google Drive

As expected, the user will have the ability to Choose what type of content will go into the WhatsApp backup made through Google Drive, that is, you can choose if you are going to backup only the chat messages or if multimedia content (except videos) received in WhatsApp chats will also be included.

In addition, these backups will be made when the user has a WiFi connection unless he decides to also use his data rate for it. Finally, as expected, we can also eliminate or delete WhatsApp backups made through Google Drive.

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