WhatsApp will change its name and block the accounts of minors 4Last week we told you that Facebook I had the firm intention to change the name of its main services. We talk, beyond the social network itself, of platforms as important as Instagram or Whatsapp. As you know, for some years now, Mark Zuckerberg also has them in his possession.


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The fact is that, with the latest update that is about to arrive for WhatsApp this will be even clearer. What is fair what you intend Facebook with this little change.

We say small because, attention, do not believe now that WhatsApp will stop calling WhatsApp. Nothing is further from reality. Facebook wants any user using WhatsApp to know that the service belongs to Facebook. This was noted by the specialist WaBetaInfo, which has already had the opportunity to Try the latest WhatsApp beta and confirmed the change.

WhatsApp will change its name and block the accounts of minors 5New beta version of WhatsApp for Android

The novelty arrives aboard the beta version 2.19.222 that users can test through the Google Play Beta Program, which is the beta program to which all Android users can sign up to keep up to date with the main news that is coming to WhatsApp.

The case is that from now on, when we access WhatsApp (eye, first the application will have to be updated for everyone), within the configuration section we can read WhatsApp of Facebook. Something similar will happen with Instagram, since in a very short time the application will be renamed as Instagram of Facebook.

The accounts of minors will be blocked in WhatsApp

Did you have the slightest idea that WhatsApp had changed the terms of service to prevent the use of the tool to minors? It was last year, just in April 2018, when WhatsApp announced that from that moment, in Europe they could only use the messaging tool those people who were over 16 years old. The age limitation is exclusive for the countries of the Old Continent, because for the rest, the minimum and legal age to use WhatsApp is 13 years.

Well, it seems that WhatsApp it has been proposed to apply this standard very seriously, blocking all those users who do not meet the age limit indicated in the terms of service.

WhatsApp will change its name and block the accounts of minors 6With the update to version 2.19.222, WhatsApp has deployed a new feature with which access will be banned directly to all those people who do not meet the indicated requirement of the minimum age, in this case set at 16.

For now we have no data on the formula that WhatsApp will use to discover the age of people who have this application installed on their mobile, but it is clear that if this function has been included it is because the technology has already been developed and what is more important: it works.

Both news will apply, for now, to the beta version of WhatsApp. To test them or see the changes, you will need to have enrolled in the Google Play Beta Program. If you have not already done so, you can register directly through this link and then download the application to your mobile.

In this way, you will receive updates promptly and before the rest of users. It is a good way to try other functions. But beware, since it is announced, it may take a while until you receive each update.

And if at any time you want to disappear from the test program, you can also do it. You only have to install the beta version of WhatsApp and then download the public version of WhatsApp on Google Play.

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