WhatsApp will include the function Ā«Mark as unreadĀ»

by Kelvin

WhatsApp will not only allow to indicate ā€œLikeā€ about multimedia content received

More indiscretions continue to appear through the Web on what will be the next features and functionalities that will include the new version of the famous cross-platform messaging application, WhatsApp. On this subject, a few days ago the rumor began to spread about the possible introduction of a new function that It allows us to indicate whether or not we like any multimedia content that has been sent or that we have received directly through the application, thanks to a new "Like" button.

But this is not the only novelty that the famous messaging app will get, it seems that WhatsApp guys are seriously working on turning this application into a more important competitor than it currently is, which is a lot to say.

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WhatsApp will include the function Ā«Mark as unreadĀ» 4

In WhatsApp we can also mark messages as unread

According to a new rumor, the "Like" button for multimedia content received It will not be the only novelty that will be introduced in the next versions of WhatsAppIt seems that users are testing the beta versions of the application have also found a new option that will allow users the ability to mark messages as unread.

This will be possible to do it in a similar way to how it can currently be done through other messaging applications, such as the same Facebook Messenger This new feature will allow the user to "archive" a message so that it can be read later.

In addition to these developments, we have recently been able to see that WhatsApp is currently working on several beta versions of the application simultaneously, the objective is to be able to launch some features and corrections in the short term, while preparing a major update of the app that is expected I arrived with iOS 9 with a lot of news such as: quick responses from notifications, new tools for photo editing, the use of custom wallpapers for each contact and many other news.

WhatsApp will include the function Ā«Mark as unreadĀ» 5

The latest WhatsApp improvements could come after the launch of iOS 9

At the moment, both for the option "Mark as unread", as for the "I like" button, there is no official information on the distribution of these characteristics, so we cannot know if they will arrive soon or if they will not do so until Apple launch the new version of the iPhone operating system and iPad, iOS 9.

At least, the good news is that it seems that WhatsApp intends to launch an update relatively soon with really interesting features and that will improve the use of the messaging application, just need to see if they are applied and work also improve the related to the security of the application since it is currently the least secure of those available.

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