WhatsApp will prohibit children under 16 from using the app

by Kelvin

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications worldwide. Also for children who find an easy way to communicate for free with their friends and family. But the last movement of Whatsapp goes in the opposite direction to this childish drift and prohibit children under 16 from using the app.

Remember that WhatsApp was acquired a few years ago by Facebook. The courier service has since been growing at a good pace and incorporating some functions that closely resemble Instagram.


The truth is All social networks and online services have a minimum age to open an account. Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter They have this age limitation. But the surprise has come with the recent change in WhatsApp's internal policies.

And it is that the last update of the conditions and terms of use of the service has increased to 16 years of minimum age to open an account on WhatsApp. Until this last change the minimum age was 14 years.

Same age as to open an account and use Instagram Y Facebook. That the minimum requirements have not changed, at least for now.

The change will only apply in the countries of the European Union Where does WhatsApp Ireland Limited, a company owned by Facebook created to serve EU countries with legislation different from the rest of the world.

For countries outside the European Union, the minimum age of 14 to use WhatsApp will continue to be maintained.

We just need to go around Instagram to verify that age limitations are rarely put into practice. Registration is very simple lying on the date of birth and is already common practice among the youngest.

Without a doubt, this last movement of WhatsApp for prohibiting children under 16 using their messaging service He has caught his own and strangers by surprise. Even more when not being accompanied by the other two social networks owned by Facebook.

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