WhatsApp will receive new function to protect your messages

by Kelvin
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WhatsApp is the world's most popular instant messaging and communications service. Indeed, it is app is used daily by millions of users worldwide. That said, it is natural that we now see this company owned by the Facebook testing a crucial new implementation on Android.

Something that will allow you to keep all your messages safe at any time!


Whatsapp messaging app Facebook Android

The platform held by Facebook It remains the favorite choice for millions of people. Firstly by the simplicity of communication, configuration, or the simple fact that most of its known to use. Plus, it's free for both Android as well as iOS, or the web version.

What's new on the way to the WhatsApp Android app

However, as any WhatsApp user will tell you, there are endless messages circulating within the platform. From cordial good morning greetings within groups to more private affairs. In the light of that, it is normal for the user to wish to safeguard such content from prying eyes.

In this sense, there is a demand for additional security, especially for WhatsApp. Something that can range from an app-specific lock code, or a third-party app to block WhatsApp by securing it. However, the app itself is now testing a new security method.

WhatsApp will receive new function to protect your messages 4

While some manufacturers already offer ways to specifically “block” an app, it is nonetheless an external solution. That said, in its Android app, WhatsApp is already implementing fingerprint lock and unlock. Something that will safeguard all your content and messages.

Enhancing security on this platform of the Facebook

According to the investigation of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp for Android in Beta v2.19.221 allows users to apply this mechanism. This is an effective way that the application will only be unlocked by verifying the fingerprint previously registered by the user.

WhatsApp will receive new function to protect your messages 5

Otherwise it will be completely impossible to read WhatsApp messages. However, you will be able to answer calls even without having to unlock the app. Something that ultimately protects content sent through this instant communications platform owned by Facebook.

Protect your messages from prying eyes

This requires your Android smartphone to have a fingerprint reader. You will then have to use the above beta. Furthermore, the operating system must be Android Marshmallow or later. You can then activate this new security mechanism.

By following these steps you will find the engine in WhatsApp – Settings – Account – Privacy – Fingerprint lock, or fingerprint lock. By activating this option you will have to register your fingerprint and from there you will have your content more protected.

WhatsApp will receive new function to protect your messages 6

NotePlease note that you can reply directly to messages received on WhatsApp from the notification bar. That is from the quick answers. You can also, as noted above, answer incoming calls without having to open the app on your Android mobile device.

In fact, only when opening the WhatsApp application on your Android will you have to authenticate. Something that aims to protect all its contents. In addition, you may choose to hide the content of the displayed notifications if the new lock and security method is enabled.

Already in beta testing v2.19.221 for Android

Although this is a bit restrictive, it will certainly enhance the security of WhatsApp. From here, the choice is left to users who can thus have two levels of security. The first, being the smartphone, while the second then becomes the new “barrier” of the application itself.

Finally, we reiterate that this function is being distributed only on the Android Beta channel. Specifically, from v2.19.221 you can also install in parallel with the APK file that you can download from this link – APKMirror.

This same implementation could reach the stable version for Android and perhaps also for iOS in the near future.

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