WhatsApp: your messages cannot be deleted in IOS

by Kelvin
WhatsApp: your messages cannot be deleted in IOS

Since a time ago, WhatsApp It took a weight off its users by offering the option to delete messages before the recipient reads them. An alternative that prevents us from doing paperwork and thinking twice what is said in a talk. However, in the IOS phones this rule is not met perfectly.

The Hacker News has reported a bug in WhatsApp that void any erase attempts you wish to make. Even if the notification appears “The message has been deleted”, the truth is that the other chat participant can see it without problem. This error is present in all versions for IOS.


What is the problem? The operating system of Apple for mobile does not allow applications to access its internal storage space To delete content. This is a security measure that nobody wants to deactivate and that makes WhatsApp impossible to fulfill its promise to save us shame.

With this information, We can discard all possible attempts at a solution by the famous messenger. From now on, IOS users will have to cross their fingers to avoid sending photos or messages by mistake.

Deleting everything is not the solution


You have about an hour to delete the content that you uploaded by mistake to the chat window. At least this will continue to be the case in Android, in IOS the function will never work. For more successful deletion notifications you receive. Nor delete all chat history.

As detailed by the North American portal, the problem is that IOS users have the function of "Automatically save photos and videos in the multimedia gallery." Although you deactivate this function, this does not guarantee that your contacts also do so to be in the same conditions.

Let's be honest, the curiosity to read deleted messages exists. In fact in I'm techno We have touched on this topic before, offering alternatives for Android users. Today we know that IOS mobile carriers do not need to resort to external applications, since the option to delete messages never really worked.

Pointing this out, it would be impossible for your contacts to give up a security measure that can also help them know what you didn't want them to know. It can be said that it is a huge advantage, which leads to a disadvantage, because everyone can get it wrong by sending a message.

From all this, it follows that the fault only appears when IOS users interact by WhatsApp. In case the recipient has an Android device, the delete option for all will work correctly.

Facing present failures to WhatsApp, we usually recommend the use of Telegram. But this application may have the same error in IOS as its rival.

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