WhatsApp's new name and "Memoji Stickers" arrive on the beta on iOS

by Kelvin
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Recently it was learned that both WhatsApp and Instagram They were going to receive a new name. To make clear your relationship of subsidiaries of Facebook, the social network has decided to add a “from Facebook”At the end of the name of each of the two applications.


The new WhatsApp name and support for Memojis-based Stickers arrive at the WhatsApp beta for iPhone

There was no set date for this "rebranding" but after its arrival in the Android beta, that is one of the changes that can also be observed in the new beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, which corresponds to the number

The new name can be seen within the WhatsApp configuration, and without a doubt, it is a movement to make clear the implication of Facebook in the world's most widespread instant messaging service and the company's possible ambition to have a unified platform.

In addition, the beta for iPhone users has an option that allows you to send the so-called Memoji Stickers. The Memoji are the custom emojis with the user's facial expressions which can be created with the latest iPhone models thanks to facial recognition technology.

This new type of Stickers for WhatsApp is only available for iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS users who have the iOS 13 operating system installed. It is not known if this option will reach iOS 12 users, but it is foreseeable to limit it to version 13 of the operating system and those that come later once it is available in the official version and not only in the beta.

These developments add to the possibility of protecting WhatsApp by fingerprint (which we tell you how to activate in this article) that arrived in the latest available version of the application.

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