That Feminism is a movement that can no longer be stopped is practically a fact. 2018 was the year in which the world became aware of the inequality between men and women. And 2019 has not left the fight. In fact, ideas like the application continue to emerge When & Where, created by five teenage girls from Móstoles who have also suffered fear while walking alone to their home. A problem that does not depend on women, but those who suffer the consequences of widespread sexist violence. And that, with an application, you can avoid many problems. It is available on Google Play for Android phones for free.


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The application is very simple, and focuses on giving a quick response to any situation that may occur on the way home or to another destination for women. The idea is that, if something strange happens during the journey, a warning message with your current location would reach a contact telephone number. It also has a direct way to call the emergency number 112.

How to configure When & Where

The first thing you should do when installing the application is to grant permissions for location and use of the camera. You will even have to take a picture to start using When & Where. Of course, at the moment the application is only available in english. Something quite curious considering that its creators are Spanish. But the use is comfortable thanks to its unique buttons and its simplified design.

When & Where

The first thing is to click on the three stripes in the upper left corner. Click on the Contacts section to give permission to the application and establish an alert contact. This person will receive the message with your current location in case something happens.

From now on you can already use When & Where in a normal way, activating the application when you don't feel safe. So you can click on the Start button to wander quietly without a specific address. The operation of the application will be launched to ask if you are in a dangerous situation If there is a sharp change in your behavior.

But if you are clear where you are going, you must click on the button Take me to … (take me to…). Here you must enter the address you are going to, to see if you comply with the route or there is an unforeseen event on it. And that's it, you can start walking calmly.

This is how When & Where helps you

The application is active in the background, registering if you approach the marked destination. Or if you roam freely, marking your location to know where you are. Thus, When & Where is able to detect if you stop abruptly at some point. Or if you change direction, away from your destiny. If this happens, a notification is sent to ask if you are okay.

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The notification shows two buttons to answer. Of course, it is noted with prolonged vibration. In this way, and if nothing happens beyond having distracted you on the road or deviating voluntarily, you can click on the affirmative button and move on. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation and you can press the No button, you will automatically call the contact you have previously set up.

If you have not been able to press the No button, the application will wait 30 seconds before sending a message with the location to that emergency contact. With this you will be sure that another person knows where you are at the same time and, therefore, can alert the authorities that something is happening. Even when you have no way of using your mobile.