Where did the Locust come from? Gears 5 sheds new light on the history of Locusts and Swarm

by Kelvin
Where did the Locust come from? Gears 5 sheds new light on the history of Locusts and Swarm

Never before or never has there been genocide on a similar scale on the planet Sera. During the Bloodbath Exit Day, the Locust hatched from beneath underground corridors, killing surface residents. A quarter of the total population died within 24 hours. People were murdered in their cities. In their homes. In their beds. Men, women and children. Locust monsters extinguished several billion lives, even though the day before mankind had no idea about the existence of these monsters. Gears 5 sheds new light on their genesis.

During Exodus, almost every human city, almost every military base, and almost every mission of strategic importance were attacked. The Locust Horde made an invasion of textbooks, using elements of surprise, terror and terror. Locust killed military, scientists, politicians as well as ordinary people. For humanoid, somewhat reptilian monsters, there was no difference between a man, a woman and a defenseless child. Everyone was murdered with similar scrupulousness.

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Even the most experienced generals could not understand this strategy. Instead of capturing and controlling territory, the terrifying enemy did not attach importance to the land he conquered. The torturer preferred to launch further attacks on human aggregates. The Dinner forces were horrified to discover that the enemy's goal was nothing but the complete extermination of the human species. Complete cleaning of the surface of cheese from human. All attempts to establish peace talks, negotiations and negotiations have always ended in bloodshed.

Exit Day

Humanity had no idea what Locust was and where it came from. However, there were rumors …

One of the most popular theses assumed that Locust came from one moon orbiting Cheese. After all, just before the Departure Day, humanity waged a ruthless war on a massive scale between the Coalition and the Independent Republics. Its important part was the space race. So the media speculated that as part of the conquest of space we established contact with a hostile race. Sera cosmonauts let Locust know of humanity, and the beasts invaded the planet. In this fancy story only one thing did not fit … why did the enemies come out from under the earth?

In the underground corridors, humanity has found a different genesis of Locust. Frightened, the victims of the invasion swore that Locust had crawled straight out of the pit of hell. This is a punishment against sinners. Against humanity and its wars. The Last Judgment came, and the people of Sera were sentenced to death and condemnation. Ominous religious prophecy was widely spread among refugees and war victims, but the truth about Locust proved far more banal. Human even …

Where did the Locust come from? Gears 5 sheds new light on the history of Locusts and Swarm 1Exit Day

We have known since Gears of War 2 that Locusts were created by humans.

During the devastating wars between the Coalition and Independent Republics, both sides sought completely new tools for destruction. In turn, the main driving force of war operations was Imulsja. It is a yellow, glowing liquid that has gigantic energy properties. The raw material extracted from the inside of the earth is what the oil was to humanity during the Second World War. Unfortunately, the collection of Imulsions took place at a great cost. Miners working underground suffered from lung diseases, and over time they succumbed to strange mutations.

The coalition created a secret facility called New Hope, in which the best geneticists were to create a cure for miners' ailments. However, scientists led by Dr. Niles Samson took a different path. Instead of focusing on the drug, geneticists have focused on the remarkable properties it produces in human DNA Imulsion. Instead of helping their patients, scientists injected a mass of yellow liquid into their bloodstream, turning them into guinea pigs. Samson's unethical work continued for years, without any supervision, in the form of a secret facility of the Ministry of Health of the Dinner government.

The Gears of War 2 scenario assumed that after many tortures and genetic modifications, objects called Sire arose. Perverse people, twisted humanoids in laboratory tanks were considered protoplasts of Locust. Samson had a vision of creating an obedient army of genetically enhanced soldiers that would win the Pendulum War Coalition. Control over the creatures Sire was to give Samson Myrrah – the daughter of one of the sick miners.

Where did the Locust come from? Gears 5 sheds new light on the history of Locusts and Swarm 2Sire in Gears of War 2

Myrrah showed great immunity. In addition, her cells aged half as slowly.

The girl became an apple in Samson's head. The scientist used her DNA to create more Sire strains. Something amazing has done to this geneticist. He created a certain emotional-mental bond between Myrrah and the abominations grown from her DNA. The girl treated perverse humanoids like family members, even her children. According to Samson, this combination will allow to control the army of the future, which in a few to several years will get the Coalition immersed in war.

The geneticist, however, did not take into account the external factor. Staff terrified by the scale of monstrous experiments in New Hope began to take information about this place outside the walls of the laboratory. Rumors about the true nature of the laboratory got into the media. The Coalition authorities decided to cancel the project, close the facility and arrest Samson. Before this happened, some of the influential politicians and military coalitions provided the geneticist with an escape plan, as well as a new research site financed from private pockets. The temptation to use the Sires for war was too great among the Coalition elite to lose Samson's achievements.

Where did the Locust come from? Gears 5 sheds new light on the history of Locusts and Swarm 3Samson's laboratory under Mount Kadar

Samson and a group of trusted scientists continued to work in a secret laboratory somewhere under Mount Kadar. The Coalition never managed to find this place, just as Samson never captured. The geneticist continued his monstrous work over the years, with terrifying freedom, performing the most vile experiments. At that time, Myrrah became an adult girl. The woman fell in love with one of the scientists and together they had a child named Reyna. Samson didn't mind, because thanks to the union with the staff, Myrrah was more willing to cooperate than ever before.

Thanks to this cooperation, the first copy of Locust was created – a perfectly built, strong, tall, muscular soldier of the future without deviations characteristic of Sire. The doctor was especially proud of the fact that as a result of using the DNA of the beasts inhabiting the underworld of Ser, his new warrior could have offspring, unlike the infertile Sire. In addition, his procreative s were very high. Much, much larger than human. Soon more soldiers joined the first Locust soldier. Everyone with the DNA of the underground beasts and Myrrah herself in his blood.

Where did the Locust come from? Gears 5 sheds new light on the history of Locusts and Swarm 4Samson's laboratory under Mount Kadar

At this point, Gears 5 sheds some light on what exactly happened under Kadar Mountain.

Samson did not expect Myrrah to contribute to the collapse of his great project. The psychopathic scientist underestimated the human emotions they can tug at individuals. When it turned out that Myrrah's daughter – Reyna – showed the same amazing properties as her mother, Samson also began experiments on an infant. Tormented by moral dilemmas, the child's father kidnapped his offspring and escaped from a secret facility. When he failed to capture him, Samson lied to Myrrah, claiming that Reyna had died while trying to escape her father. The geneticist hoped that he would close the case of the broken mother and be able to return to further research.

Myrrah was devastated. The woman closed herself to people working under the Kadar mountain. Scientists have noticed that women are increasingly connecting with Locusts. Experimental soldiers in laboratory jars more and more often repeated the movements and gestures made by their "mother". The staff began to worry, and the guards and patrols in the corridors of the laboratory were radically strengthened. It did nothing, however. Nearly 100 years before Exodus, Myrrah revolted, killing all staff and Samson himself. Feeling the worst, the scientist managed to transfer consciousness to a computer terminal before he bled out.

Where did the Locust come from? Gears 5 sheds new light on the history of Locusts and Swarm 5Samson's laboratory under Mount Kadar

Myrrah fled underground with the first developed Locust representatives.

The woman and her "children" found the house deep in the underground corridors of the planet Sera. There, the refugees established a safe haven called Nexus. Thanks to the ability for extremely fast procreation, it was enough for several decades for Nexus to turn into a vibrant city with brutal life. Locust has evolved into a unique society with its own hierarchy, its own rules and faith. The social structure of Locust resembled the relations of the bee hive, with Queen Myrrah at the head of millions of subjects. The Horde even managed to subordinate some of the underground creatures by training them to mounts or war monsters.

Although Myrrah's heart was filled with hatred of people, the woman did not decide to attack the surface solely because of private emotions. Nexus, however, faced the specter of destruction. Here is the Imulsion – previously recognized as a neutral liquid that is a source of energy – turned out to be a set of intelligent parasitic microorganisms. Locusts were particularly vulnerable. A member of the horde infected with Imulsion became deaf to the voice of the queen, and instead began to attack his kin. So the war for survival broke out underground, which Locust lost every day.

Where did the Locust come from? Gears 5 sheds new light on the history of Locusts and Swarm 6Myrrah

As enemies approached Nexus, Myrrah decided to take a radical step. The queen decided to flee to the surface, protecting herself there from the Imulsion flooding the next corridors of her empire. However, having dealt with people before, Myrrah was convinced of their monstrous, greedy and ruthless nature. The queen decided to slaughter all the inhabitants of the surface in the trunk, thus making room for new rulers of the Cheese.

Unfortunately for her, Marcus Fenix ​​and the team did not share this vision.

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