Where to find coconuts Fortnite

by Kelvin

Where to find coconuts Fortnite 3

We tell you where to find coconuts Fortnite. In our opinion, coconuts are the best new consumables in Fortnite as part of update v8.20. Coconuts award 5 points of efectiva effective health ’in a very short space of time.

Where to find coconuts Fortnite

The part of ‘effective health’ basically means that if you are in full health, it will grant you 5 shields, and if you lack health, that will give it to you. Health is always prioritized, essentially.


You will need to eliminate coconuts from palm trees by harming them with your beak or with any other weapon. We found that coconuts tended to fall to the ground after the tree had suffered significant damage, however. You can see how the palm trees look in the screenshot above.

As coconuts are found by knocking them down from palm trees, they can only be found in tropical and desert biomes where these trees spawn. Once you have found a palm tree and thrown it away, if you are lucky, you will see one or two coconuts fall to the ground.

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