Where to find the Teselia stone and what is Pokémon evolve in Pokémon Go

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Where to find the Teselia stone and what is Pokémon evolve in Pokémon Go 1

The most advanced Pokemon Go player will not only know that there are already creatures of the fifth generation of this franchise, but many of them can only be achieved through certain evolution. Evolution that is not achieved with sweets of one type or another, but with valuable objects that are difficult to achieve. Among them are Thessaly stone, which refers to the region of the Pokemon recently originated. Do you know how to get it?

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It all starts with white Pokémon and black Pokémon, who focused their actions on the region of Tesselia. Now part of this franchise landed on Pokemon GO, and it does so in a very varied way. A few Pokemon in this region will appear wild, in the middle of the road, like Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Pidove, Blitzle and others. However, another fifth generation Pokémon will come out exclusively by hatching eggs. Others, like Klink, will only see raids. But the most interesting thing is to complement your pokédex with a trio. Simisage, Simisear and Simipour, you will need a Teselia stone. In addition to traveling to other continents, because some of them are Pokémon regionally

How to get a Tesselia stone

The important thing is to get the Teselia stone. And, without this evolutionary stone, part of our pokédex will be empty. The only problem is that you can't get it by fighting with other trainers, as it happened with other stones and similar evolutionary objects. This time depends on your will and your determination field research.

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The key is to turn the poképarada to get a new one research task What must be accomplished? Here's this little challenge like "fight 5 next time in the gym" or "catch 20 Pokemon", or even "spin 10 pokeparations". When you complete these tasks, stamps are added to the progress of the overall investigation. When this happens after seven days, a random gift pack arrives as a reward for the effort.

And it is here, among these awards, where you can obtain the Teselia stone. And be careful, we say "you can" because the prize is random, and the stone may not be among them. You can only cross your fingers and believe in your luck. If not, you can keep trying until you get it and have it.

There is currently no other way to obtain the Teselia stone. Do not buy in the store Not even fights, challenges, or special events.. Only your determination and patience to play Pokemon GO with the field tasks you always have in mind.

Pokemon Teselia

What Pokémon can be accomplished with a Teselia stone

A Pokémon number from the required region of Tesselia this stone and other resources to grow Here we tell you what are the requirements and Pokémon shouted by Pokémon You

  • Pansy + 50 pansies of thought + Tesselia Stone: Simisage
  • Panzer + 50 Panzer sweets + Teselia Stone: Simise
  • Panpour + 50 Candy Panspour + Teselia Stone: Simipour
  • Munna + 50 Munna sweets + Teselia Stone: Musharna
  • Minccino + 50 Minccino + Teselia Stone candies: Cinccino
  • Eelectric + 50 Tynamo candies + Teselia Stone: Eelektross
  • Lampent + 50 Litwik candy + Teselia Stone: Chandelier
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