Which one has better graphics? FIFA 20 or eFootball PES 2020?

by Kelvin

Many will be wondering which of the two soccer games that are about to see the light is the one they should choose. It is not an easy choice, given that Konami has greatly improved in recent years the disadvantage that faced the EA Sports saga. Now what both games are offered on the Xbox Store with two demos and knowing about the licensing struggle between the two, a technical issue remains to be resolved. Which one has better graphics, FIFA 20 or eFootball PES 2020?

To get out of this doubt, taking these demos as a reference, Candyland has decided to make a comparison between the two games to determine which of the two has better graphics, FIFA 20 or eFootball PES 2020. If yesterday we were delighted with a comparison of FIFA 20 against FIFA 19, in which the changes were barely noticeable, this time we can see differences between the two games.


For many years it has been FIFA the saga that has offered a better overall finish in the technical section. But as we said, Konami has been constantly implementing improvements to his license. Already with the change of engine it was possible to verify that Pro Evolution Soccer It offered very interesting details on issues such as lighting or modeling. However, FIFA also evolved, although the result could have been somewhat shorter compared to the great work they had been doing.

Taking as reference the same teams in a game of demos of FIFA 20 and eFootball PES 2020, The media wanted to compare, as far as possible, the differences in certain graphic aspects. The modeling is very good, where it is undeniable that the world's leading soccer players are getting closer and closer to reality. If we approach the players, it seems that the modeling of PES 2020 is more detailed, or more realistic.

One of the things that comes to light is the color tone between both games, where FIFA 20 seems to use a filter that turns off that contrast a lot, while in the case of PES 2020 the color remarkably saturates the image. As for the animations, both have many virtues, but differences are also noted. Here it seems that you can not guess so much which of the two is better in this section, where what else can determine the decision of which game is best for each one, is its playability and the options offered.

Which one has better graphics, FIFA 20 or eFootball PES 2020?

To test your gameplay, you can always take advantage of both games offering demos for Xbox One. At least in that section, having that contact with the game, you can opt more for one than for another. The final decision should always be yours.

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