Which smart TV to buy: Android TV, webOS or Tizen?

by Kelvin
Which smart TV to buy: Android TV, webOS or Tizen?

With the multitude of choices in brands, lines and sizes of smart TVs, making the right decision to choose which would be the best investment is often a real challenge. And to complete, operating systems appear as an extra element to improve the performance of equipment, bringing distinct properties that deserve to be evaluated in relation to the main aspects.

Currently, the most requested systems are Android TV (Sony, Philips, Philco and TCL), Tizen (Samsung) and WebOS (LG), which provide innovative and computational aspects to televisions, adding a series of functions that make them stand out among the popular electronics market. But do you know the differences between these systems?

Android TV


Android TV stands out for having the most user-friendly interface, as the integration with Google allows intuitive navigation through all the main features. With it, it is possible to mirror smartphones with compatible OS, perform operations in the background and access the entire vast library of apps on Google Play, with voice command option via Google Assistant in more advanced models.


With the Tizen operating system, users can perform tasks on the TV through gestures, with certain limitations depending on the model in which the service is built. Furthermore, it is possible to turn the smart TV into a control center for the smart home, as it distributes signal to other devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Tizen stands out for delivering a tab focused on games and for playing content in the background (on TV) and on cell phones and tablets, even with the device turned off.


Exclusive to the LG brand, WebOS is a fast and efficient operating system that draws attention for its practicality. With it, the user can access settings shortcuts without closing the programs he is watching, while using the remote control as a mouse only through movement. The OS stands out for having the best multitasking performance in the segment.

Smart TV Suggestions

Smart TV LED 43″ TCL 43S6500

TCL’s 43″ LED smart TV has an Android processor with access to the main movie, series and music streaming platforms. With a frequency of 60Hz, it also has Bluetooth and 2 HDMI inputs.

TCL’s smart television comes with one of the best value for money in its class and delivers advanced features like Bluetooth, Google Assistant, voice recognition, Chromecast built in, 2 HDMI inputs and HDR contrast standard in a 43″ Full HD 60Hz model. streaming.

Smart TV LED 32″ Sem HDR 32S5300

SEmp’s 32″ LED Smart TV has 2 HDMI, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi inputs. With Android operating system, it allows integration with personal assistant and the main streaming platforms.

One of the best-rated models of the entry-level smart TV line with Android TV, the Semp 32″ features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 2 HDMI for fast connection, as well as integration with voice commands via Google Assistant. With Full HD 60 Hz quality, HDR and Micro Dimming, the equipment delivers immersive and deep images, which, equipped on a thin monitor, provide elegance and good performance for the use of basic apps and services.

Smart TV LED 43″ Samsung UN43AU7700GXZD Crystal 4K

With 4K image resolution, the 43″ Samsung Crystal Smart TV has Tizen operating system, 3 HDMI inputs and 60Hz frequency. This model also has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the possibility of screen mirroring.

Input model with 4K quality and Tizen OS, the Samsung 43″ 60 Hz smart TV has the powerful Crystal 4K processor, which provides sharp and detailed images. Cable-free, the device with reduced edge is compatible with Bixby, Alexa assistants and Google Assistant, which access, via voice command, the user’s favorite features and apps. The TV can be integrated with the Samsung ecosystem and is able to quickly connect to other branded devices, operating with 3 HDMI inputs and functions like mirroring.

Smart TV 50″ LG ThinQ AI 50UN7310PSC

Smart TV LG ThinQ AI has 4K image resolution, 60Hz frequency and 3 HDMI inputs. With Wi-Fi, BLuetooth and screen mirroring, this LG model has a 50″ LED screen.

Combining the power of the WebOS 5.0 operating system with the technology of the LG ThinQ ecosystem, the 60Hz smart TV brings a new level of quality and performance, now in true 4K, HDR, 3 HDMI 2.0 inputs and up to four times sharper images than on conventional HD TVs. With the control panel, it is possible to access all integrated LG devices and interact with numerous information, while the option of voice command, with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, allows quick access to thousands of unique content.

Smart TV 32″ LG ThinQ AI 32LM625BPSB

With 3 HDMI inputs, Bluetooth and integrated Wi-Fi, the 32″ LG Thinq AI smart TV has WebOs operating system, which allows access to the internet and to the main streaming platforms.

Equipped with ThinQ artificial intelligence, the LG 32″ TV has WebOS 4.5, 3 HDMI 2.0 inputs and upscaling via active HDR, making images even more beautiful and with the best possible quality of Full HD with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This entry-level model, in addition to being the most cost-effective configuration, guarantees all the main smart functions in an affordable and fast way, as well as Miracast for mirroring and native music player.