Which Smart TV to buy? See some options with 50 inches

by Kelvin
Which Smart TV to buy?  See some options with 50 inches

50-inch Smart TVs are quite interesting to place in rooms with more space. This is a size that should be at least 2.5 meters from the viewer, so as not to affect your eyesight and bring more comfort and quality when watching series or movies.

Smart TVs of this size can be found for prices around R$ 2 thousand, and even with the increase in the price of electronics in general, it is an acceptable value if you need to change your old television or are building your house..

If you want to turn your living room or bedroom into a cinema, and don’t know which Smart TV to buy, we’ve separated seven options with different features. So you can decide which Smart TV is best for your needs.


Smart TV LED 50″, 4K, LG ThinQ AI 50UM7510PSB

With artificial intelligence, a giant screen and an intuitive interface, the smart tv from LG will surpass your expectations! It has Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple Integrated Air Play.

Starting with a 4K Smart TV, for those who want to enjoy every detail of the latest movies and series. This model from LG has a 4K upscaler, which allows you to enjoy all content, even low-resolution ones, with the maximum quality offered by the TV.

The quad core processor, on the other hand, works to reduce noise in the content, improving the color reproduction, sharpness and contrast of what is being displayed. And to make access to content even more simplified, this TV has voice commands, you just have to say what content you want to watch for it to access.

Smart TV LED 50″ Full HD Sony KDL-50W665F

High quality television, with Full HD resolution, stereo sound and big screen for you to better watch your favorite shows. It has a fluid operating system and several protection certificates.

Despite having a lower resolution, this Smart TV is far from bad or inferior in image quality. That’s because it relies on several technologies, such as X-Reality PRO and HDR, which ensure image optimization. The result is more vivid scenes with vibrant colors.

Another differential of this model is the Motionflow XR 240, which allows the TV to display a higher frequency. This creates a higher frame rate, making images sharper, even in scenes with a lot of movement.

Smart TV LED 50″, 4K, Samsung RU7100

The Samsung RU7100 is already known in the market for the excellent set it offers. There are 50 inches of 4k screen, HDR10, a fluid system with many apps, Bluetooth and integrated Wifi.

Another 4K Smart TV option, but for those who like to watch movies with maximum detail. Thanks to HDR Premium technology, the contrast and brightness levels of scenes are optimized, delivering well-defined and very high quality images.

And to take advantage of these features even more, this Samsung Smart TV comes with the main streaming apps already installed. In other words, just plug in and start watching your favorite movies and series on Netflix or Prime Video.

Smart TV LED 50″, 4K, TCL 50P8M

It features 4K resolution, Android Tv operating system and integrated chromecast, thin edge design and metallic finish, Google Assistant and access to thousands of apps and games.

If you’re looking for a cheap Smart TV, but don’t want to give up 4K resolution, this might be one of the best options right now. And if you already have other smart home devices, you can control them all by controlling this TV.

Plus, it comes with built-in Chromecast, allowing you to stream videos, games and apps from your smartphone to your Smart TV. Connection is quick, with a simple command to transmit.

Smart TV LED 50″, 4K, Philips 6600 Series

With virtually borderless minimalist design, high quality stereo sound, great images and fluid system with many built-in apps, this smart TV from Phillips offers a pleasant experience.

A 4K Smart TV for those who want to go beyond image quality and seek sound that is on the same level. Thanks to Dolby Atmos technology, you will have an experience close to a cinema, after all, this is the same sound system used by some of the main theaters around the world.

In addition, the model has an artificial intelligence system, which recognizes your sound preferences and offers the best equalization for you to enjoy your favorite content even more.

Smart TV LED 50″, 4K, AOC 50U6295

It is recommended for those looking for a smart TV with a simple operating system, high definition video playback and noise reduction sound.

Another cheap Smart TV option, this model from AOC has HDR technology, leaving images with more intense brightness, contrast and colors for a more vibrant experience.

It also has easy access to Netflix and the YouTube, just press a button on the remote to access the interfaces and start enjoying the contents. Through the app store you can download your favorite streaming apps to watch your favorite movies and series.

Smart TV LED 50″, 4K, Panasonic TC-50GX500B

It offers a 50-inch screen with 4K resolution, possibility to spread any Android device on the screen, browser, various applications and Wifi connection.

This is a 4K Smart TV, capable of offering higher image quality even when the content was recorded at a lower resolution. In other words, it can “convert” HD or Full HD images to a superior one, very close to 4K, automatically.

Another advantage of the model is the variety of applications that are already installed at the factory, making it much easier to use, from the first contact.