White Noise: documentary about white supremacists wins trailer

by Kelvin
White Noise: documentary about white supremacists wins trailer

Producer The Atlantic has just released a trailer for their new documentary, white noise. The film is a portrait of far-right white supremacist groups, and follows three famous and influential people in these movements. Check out the preview below.

The Atlantic’s first feature-length documentary, the film is presented as an “internal and definitive story of the movement that came to be known as the alt-right (alternative right, in direct translation)”. The film follows Mike Cernovich, a conspiracy theorist and blogger, Lauren Southern, an anti-feminist and anti-immigration star of the YouTube, and Richard Spencer, an ideologue of the white supremacist movements.


Taking advantage of the repercussion caused by Donald Trump, who refused to condemn a group of supremacists, the producer released the trailer showing how this movement has conquered a disturbing space in the world. With images ranging from marches, like the one that took place in 2017, to conferences organized to spread their ideas, the documentary aims to show the danger posed by supremacist ideas.

Directed by newcomer Daniel Lombroso, the film had a passage through AFI Docs, one of the main festivals dedicated exclusively to documentaries in the US. Critic Eric Kohn of the indiewire it called the film “a worrying and timely look at a trio of far-right nationalists behind its harrowing resurgence across the country.” The documentary currently has 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

white noise It will be released on demand on October 21st.

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