Who is Kang the Conqueror? Find out all about the villain of Marvel

by Kelvin

The finale of Loki’s first season features Kang the Conqueror, one of the most classic villains in the Marvel, for the cinematographic universe. know everything about him

Who watched the amazing season finale of the series Loki, at the Disney+, may have been taken by surprise with the appearance of a villain: the one who remains, responsible for commanding all TVA actions during the series. The villain, who says he was called by many names at different times, including “the conqueror”, is played by Jonathan Majors, who had been advertised for some time as a member of Ant-Man and Wasp: How much mania, playing a famous comic book villain called Kang the Conqueror.

That’s right, the villain Kang it’s the the one who remains, and was already introduced at the end of the series’ first season Loki. But, who is it Kang, the Conqueror, what are your powers and your goals? We’ve prepared this super special for you to know everything about one of the most classic villains in the Marvel, and that it has everything to be the Thanos of this new phase in cinemas.


Who is Kang the Conqueror?

Created by one of the most decorated and praised duos in comic book history, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, in 1964, Kang the Conqueror called Nathaniel Richards, and is a human from 30th century of Earth-6311, that is, it is not from the main reality that comic book readers of the Marvel usually follow, the Earth-616.

THE Earth-6311 suffered for centuries with wars, until entering a period of peace, thanks to the help of the variant of Nathaniel Richards originating from Earth-616, father of Reed Richards of Fantastic Four. Using your scientific knowledge, Nathaniel managed to establish peace in this universe.

However, the Nathaniel gives Earth-6311 he got tired of living in that reality and soon found himself gaining access to the time travel technology of its other version, starting to travel through the history of the world and gaining the identity of Kang the Conqueror.

your first appearance was The Avengers (1964) #8, where he not only easily defeats the team, but also sends the captain America back to 1945. But at the end of the story, the Wasp, with the Youth Brigade (teen helpers of the Avengers), trick him into bringing the shield hero back.

In the last pages of the same edition there is a curious revelation, which would begin to show the main characteristics of Kang and his time travels: he was also Rama-Tut, egyptian villain who appeared in 1963 on the pages of Fantastic Four. Years later, in attempts to combine various stories and villains from the Universe Marvel, it would be revealed that Kang went to Ancient Egypt and turned Rama-Tut to be able to control and manipulate En-Sabah Nuh, a known villain for lovers of X-Men like Apocalypse.

However, this is just one of several stories from Kang. Time travels in the comics of the Marvel work very similarly to the series Loki introduced to the cinematographic universe, with a new version being created every time he travels through time.


Who is kang the conqueror?  Find out all about the marvel villain.  The finale of loki's first season brings kang the conqueror, one of marvel's most classic villains, into the cinematic universe.  know everything about him

When the “the one who remains” says he has many names, he’s not kidding. Only in the comics, Kang it has gone through several different versions and names, with some being better known than others. One of the most prominent is Immortus, which is the identity assumed by Kang when he tires of all war and conflict, and seeks to become the only Master of Time acting of Universe Marvel, that is, eliminating the Time Guardians of the comics.

Although, Immortus ended up conflicting with its newer version, which still went by the name of Kang, the Conqueror, and failed to reach his goal. In the end, he became yet another villain, separate, but still having connections with Nathaniel Richards. Did you find it confusing? Welcome to the multiverse.

Powers and Abilities of Kang the Conqueror

Kang, at least in the comics, has no powers of his own, but a powerful intellect and access to future technologies that give him fantastic and frightening abilities, from a special outfit made of a rare synthetic alloy originating from the 40th century. that the suit provides for the villain, are super strength, making him capable of lifting up to 5 tons, emission of energy blasts and the possibility of flying from thrusters.

His suit also has time travel technology built in, allowing him to both travel or manipulate the flow of time, and he can summon weapons from anywhere in the history of the world. Finally, using nanotechnology, the suit can still transfer Kang’s mind and consciousness to a new body, in case of death.

What to Expect from Kang the Conqueror in the Cinematic Universe of Marvel?

The conclusion of the first season of the series of Loki opened the doors of the multiverse to the films of the Marvel. As a result, there are many expectations, but few certainty about what can really happen in the future.

The fact is that the second movie of the Dr. Strange, Multiverse of Madness, which is scheduled for release in March next year, already in the title brings the certainty that the supreme wizard will explore the multiverse. It would be a great time to show realities that Kang conquered, suddenly. In another movie, Ant Man and Wasp: How much mania, Kang is already confirmed, however, it is not known if he will be the main threat of the series.

What we do know is that, considering his background in comics, there is enormous potential for Kang be the next big villain in this phase of Cinematographic Universe of Marvel, which could be the successor of Thanos as evil that unites all heroes. However, we need to wait to be sure of this, as this is all speculation.

Want to know more about Kang?

If you were curious and want to know more about Kang, the conqueror, we’ve separated 3 of the best comics involving him for you to know more about the temporal tyrant. we will not count spoilers, but we warn you that they are the most interesting and defining stories of the Conquer.

  • The Avengers 142-143 (not recently republished in Brazil)
  • The Avengers 292-298 (not recently republished in Brazil)
  • Avengers Forever – available for R$189 at Submarino

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