Who's the best? Fortnite Season 9 tape?


Fortnite Season 9 ended with a bang and the player switched to the subsequent World Cup Fortnite the world with season X.

While BRUTE wreaked havoc on the map, Fortnite The tape does a huge number that always happens during the start of a new season: Ninja just does it on another platform.


But all season 9 very impressive Fortnite The tape Before the World Cup, Tfue and Cloak almost qualified for the event while being attended by an audience of nearly 300,000.

Other bands also establish the best personal channels and the best channels as the season progresses.

Who is the most watched? Fortnite tape in season 9?

Quick note on this data before you start. I obtained this data from Stream Elements in association with Sully Gnome. Flow element is a company that offers all aspects of overlay transmissions to many of its favorite transmitters. Sully Gnome is a good source of streaming data and allows you to compare various channels and games from time to time.

This data is technically from the last 90 days and that includes six days that were not entered. Fortnite Season 9

Tfue # 1 – 26.3 Million hours observed

In addition to many demands, life is also good for Tfue

It finished broadcasting for 504 hours and averaged over 50,000 viewers. That's good enough that it's not just the tallest Fortnite streamer but the single streamer that is the most viewed on the internet. He was drawn to World Cup qualifying broadcasts and drama with the FaZe Clan, making him the center of attention throughout the season.

Ninja # 2 – 18.2 Million Hours Observed

Who's the best? Fortnite Season 9 tape? twoNinja License Twitch and bring an audience

Although it may not be at the top anymore, the Ninja audience is still large. It aired 100 hours less than Tfue during the season, but also had an average audience of less than 10,000. That helps show how big the gap Tfue has for many others. However, Mixers should be happy to know that they reach many viewers.

# # 3 NICKMERCS – 9.8 Million hours watching

Who's the best? Fortnite Season 9 tape? 3100 thieves what? NICKMERCS are fine without them

MFAM grew last season. NICKMERCS was able to reach third position on this list, even though it only had half of the Ninja viewers and almost 1 / / 3 was onlookers. His farewell that appeared to be a disaster with 100 Thieves also didn't seem to affect his audience.

# # 4 Dakotaz – Watch 8.3 Million hoursd

600 hours at the time of Dakotaz broadcast during the season. That's more than anyone in the top ten, except for one person who lives in extraordinary numbers.

While streaming can often seem like a dream job, the craziness of being one of the best transmitters is often exhausting.

# # 5 Symfuhny – 7.1 Million Hours Observed

Brooke's story helped keep Symfuhny in the spotlight and reaped the rewards when she played 647 hours that season. To put it in perspective, it means streaming 7.1 hours every day for 90 days.

# # 6 – Timthetatman – 6 Million hours watching

Who's the best? Fortnite Season 9 tape? 4His unique personality has a poppin flow every time he lives.

I will stop at five, but I want to enter six to show the contrast between the tapes. While Sym is broadcasting that crazy schedule, Tim only lives 290 hours. When he was alive, he averaged twice as many viewers as Sym.

Other data notes

  • I ignored the main Fortnite transmissions that finish in sixth place as a whole, and SolaryFortnite when they use the rotating group of streamers that will display for 1,500 hours and finished fourth.
  • The next five entries on the list are: Hamlinz, Chap, mrfreshasian, Gotaga, and trymacs.
  • Tfue's famous duo couple Cloak did not receive much support from the audience despite playing with Tfue, finishing in position 28.
  • Ninja and Tfue combined for 44.5 million observed hours You must combine the following eight individual transmitters to reach the number of observed hours.

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