Why apps to read deleted WhatsApp messages are not recommended

by Kelvin
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After WhatsApp implemented the function of deleting messages in the instant messaging application, allowing users to delete any content they had sent in error, applications that allow retrieving such information have become popular on the network.


Installing applications that promise to do something that the original application does not allow is a big risk

Users who want to know what their friends have deleted have made them popular and even some of them already have more than 10 million downloads in app stores. However, very few really know the risks of allowing other applications to access their messaging service, and this can have important consequences.

On the network «nothing is free». Installing apps that promise to do something that the original application does not pose a risk and users end up paying at the cost of their security.

For example, one of the most used applications is WAMR, which can be downloaded for free in the PlayStore. As its description indicates, it allows you to retrieve text messages and also any attachment in a message, such as images, videos, voice memos, audios, GIF files…. among other things.

In principle, it sounds like an attractive application. However, the fine print of its terms of use indicates that user information is saved, having access to your total notifications and conversations, which is a violation of the privacy of cybernauts, although they give their consent when installing the application. In this order of ideas, "access to data" occurs without the majority of users being aware of what is happening. The company uses the information collected to know the tastes and interests of users, and then sell the data to third parties.

Actually, WAMR and the rest of the applications that act in this way are not cheating the user. The problem is that he does not know what he is accepting or consciously using an application that, for offering something that the original app does not provide, is charging him a "cost", even if it is not economical because the installation of the app is free .

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