Why browsers end Flash support and how to access content …

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Why browsers end Flash support and how to access content ... 1

This is not news that Adobe Flash is coming out. The main browser has been slowly removing support for years, and Adobe itself has announced that it will stop development and support by December 2020.

This means that in the next year, there will be no conventional browser that can access Flash content on the Web. No videos, no games, no old Flash sites, nothing. So why is this happening, what is the schedule and what do you do if you really need to access some kind of flash content later?

Why is Flash missing?

The sudden sunset is very much a security-driven move. Flash was once the standard for videos, games, and other web content, but it is highly vulnerable to exploitation, thanks to memory usage and other issues. Another problem is the difficulty of integrating with cellular technology due to its tendency to absorb energy and the lack of support on iOS and Android.

Storing most desktop software with more holes than the patched spaghetti filter and some kind of safe, as you can imagine, is a bit of a headache. After other standards, such as HTML5 and WebGL, became more functional and widely compatible on desktop and mobile computers, the days of Flash were numbered.

When does Flash stop working?

2020 Flash Calendar

Currently, most browsers allow you to access Flash content on a case-by-case basis by manually approving it, but even that option will disappear next year. The exact timing will occur depending on the browser you're using, because everyone has announced different time frames to remove Flash support, but if everything goes according to plan, all the remaining Flash content on the internet will be inaccessible by the end of 2020.

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Here is the general schedule:

    Early 2020: Firefox will completely remove Flash support from the consumer version. December 2020: Adobe It will no longer update Flash or offer it for download. December 2020: Chrome And most Chromium based browsers (including Microsoft Edge) will remove all Flash support.

Can I still access Flash content?

Flash 2020 puzzle piece

After 2020, the remaining Flash content is still accessible on the Web, but it still takes a little effort. Newer browsers won't be able to load Flash, but Flash fans who are really desperate can use an older browser version, block it from automatic updates, and use it only for Flash content.

Of course, it comes with its own security issues, so do it at your own risk and take precautions like running it in the sandbox and only visiting trusted sites. Or, maybe there are still browsers (Firefox / Chromium fork) that choose to keep Flash working in some way, so finding one of them may also help.

Of course, with Flash effectively off the Web, sites that offer Flash-based content may not be available for long, so if there is something you want to save, you should download a Flash (SWF) file and use the Flash player desktop (like SWF File Player) to open it. This approach can be time consuming and technical if you try to save all of your favorite content.

Flash 2020 Flashpoint

The last and best option you can find to access these items is Flashpoint, which is an ongoing project to archive and distribute Flash web content. Thousands of games and animations are now cataloged and available for you to download and play however you like, so it's a good chance you don't need to manually back up the games you fear will disappear. If there is something inactive list of your contentYou can always contribute to the community and add it yourself.

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A flash in La Pan

It is estimated that only a small part of the Web uses Flash (Google estimates around 17% of users see Flash content every day), so you may not see a big difference in your daily searches. Many Flash-based content has been updated to use modern standards such as HTML5, WebGL, or Unity, and any site that wants to continue offering its content after 2020 must ensure that they do too. If there is any Flash content that you specifically attach, now is the time to make sure it stays.

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