Why Chromebooks Are the Choice of Red and White Laptop Projects

by Kelvin
Why Chromebooks Are the Choice of Red and White Laptop Projects

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Warganet is busy commenting on the government’s procurement of the Red and White laptop project aimed at students. The highlight relates to the budget spent on laptop devices for these students who are known to use Chromebooks, which are considered unreasonable. Apparently the budget was not appropriate because of the problem of misinformation, because in reality the procurement was divided into two projects, and not for one device only.

Apart from the unreasonable budget problem, for nesabamedia.com it is very interesting to see the government’s decision to choose to use Chromebooks over other types of laptop devices such as those based on Windows or MacOS for that Merah Putih project. So what are the advantages of this Chromebook?

For learning needs, especially when studying from home, the presence of a laptop device is the main thing, because it is the most crucial online learning tool. And that means providing a laptop device, of course this is the part that costs the most.


The average laptop device ranges from 5 million and above with medium specifications. However, the Chromebook type laptop comes at a cheaper price, around hundreds of thousands to millions of differences when compared to equivalent specifications. Take for example the HP Chromebook 14-inch Pentium 4GB/64GB, which sells for around IDR 3 million, 700 thousand cheaper than a laptop of equivalent specifications.

The specs are Intel Pentium Silver N5000, 4GB memory and 64GB eMMC storage With a 14-inch HD screen. For laptops based on Windows these specs may not be ideal, but they’re perfectly fine for a Chromebook.

Chromebooks use Google’s Chrome OS operating system, which is of course highly integrated with Google services. This will be very helpful in everyday use which often runs applications like Gmail or Google Docs. In this way, all files will be stored in the cloud or in the cloud, making them easy to access from anywhere.

Due to their lower cost and convenience concerns, Chromebooks are the best choice for students. Chromebooks combine reliability and excellent build quality so users can get convenient performance and the freedom of cloud storage.

In the case of this HP Chromebook laptop, users can get a battery that can last up to 13 hours, making it perfect for all day use. Users can use it to study, or type tasks for a long time without having to frequently charge the battery.

So based on the facts above, the government’s move to choose a Chromebook-based laptop is very appropriate, because in addition to saving costs, it is also very suitable for the needs of students.