It seems a function that was always there, but that of delete a message already sent It was a revolution for WhatsApp in October 2017. Almost two years after it began to appear on mobile phones, we are already completely accustomed to deleting data, information or even a photo that we did not want or should share in a chat. And everyone has accepted it as something logical, necessary and also safe. Well, now it's time to know that Not even WhatsApp is responsible for this function actually deleting the message.


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And it is not necessarily that we have lived deceived during these two years, it is that the function has never been totally effective. Although we have been led to think that the other user of the conversation would not see the message, the truth is that there are formulas to prevent these contents from actually being deleted from the chat. And even more, it has now been discovered that, in the case of the iOS platform, that is, if you have an iPhone, it is possible that those photos that you thought you had deleted have never been completely deleted. But the worst part is that WhatsApp seems to be calm with it.

WhatsApp does not delete photos on iPhone

Recent information published on refers to a privacy issue that affects WhatsApp for iPhone. As published, when a photo is sent to an iPhone user and then deleted, a copy of it is stored in the reel or gallery of the iPhone. WhatsApp informs in the chat that the message has been deleted, but the truth is that traces remain.

Delete for everyone on WhatsAppºº

Apparently, after informing WhatsApp of this fact, the company has declared that this deletion function does not guarantee that the content remains completely deleted. It focuses, rather, on the content disappearing from WhatsApp. However, they seem to clean their hands about the receiving user viewing the content. Either because it was present in the conversation before the sender could delete it, or because on iPhone these copies of multimedia files are downloaded by default to the gallery.

The problem comes from an option that comes active in WhatsApp for iPhone by default, and allows you to download all the multimedia contents of the chats to the terminal gallery. If this feature is not deactivated, it is of little use to delete a message in WhatsApp. Even when done during the hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds that the application allows you to use the delete function for everyone.

Of course, on Android, when this feature is used, not only the photo is deleted for the receiver, but also for the sender. Leaving less footprint and more privacy. But it does not mean, in any case, that the recipient could not see the content before it is deleted.

Applications to collect all messages

Of course, do not forget that there are other useful tools to save the entire record of a chat in WhatsApp. And with that we mean storing all messages, even those that are deleted after being sent. This is the case of WAMR for Android phones, with which leave a copy of all incoming messages from WhatsApp, although later they are eliminated. Just install it and then review the saved messages here.

Delete messages on WhatsApp chats

Although an application is not needed to force the permanence of a message in a chat. The WhatsApp application itself has a bug or useful trick so that a data is not deleted. Enough with create a reply to a message. In this way, if the original message is deleted, it can be read next to the answer below.

Maybe for all this WhatsApp does not want to be responsible for its own function. And there are many techniques and tools to keep everything said in a chat. That said, said is. So privacy is a relative fact in WhatsApp.

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