Why does WhatsApp not allow me to send or download photos or audio?

by Kelvin
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"Problems with sending videos via WhatsApp", "I cannot send photos with WhatsApp", "WhatsApp does not allow me to send photos on Android", "Download failed on WhatsApp", "I can't download WhatsApp audio"… These and many other questions are some of the most repeated searches on Google around the WhatsApp application.

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At the moment, instant messaging services show some operational problems when downloading audio, photos and videos. The reason may depend on the origin of the problem, and this time we will show you some solutions proposed by the WhatsApp website.

Check if WhatsApp is inactive

Most of the problems are related to WhatsApp audio, image or photo download failure failure They are usually associated with the server crash.

whatsapp does not download videos

To verify the integrity of the server, we can visit the Down Detector website, a platform where different users report different Internet services. After entering the web, the page will show us a The chart is updated in real time with the number of reports created by other users..

That also shows a heat map with all areas where the server has decreased.

Do you have enough storage space?

If the WhatsApp server works perfectly, problems could arise from our cell phone, and more specifically from storage.

Because the application requires more or less space to store the file in memory, the system must have enough free space So WhatsApp allows us to download audio, voice messages, photos and videos.

whatsapp does not allow downloading audio

Today there are many applications that allow us to see free space. We can go directly to the Storage section in the Android settings app. If the memory is full, we can use applications like Cleaner for WhatsApp to free up a lot of space from the messaging application.

Clean storage and app caches

To resolve any WhatsApp related error, it is better to avoid it by deleting the information from the application, but not before we back up the conversations we don't want to lose.

WhatsApp download failed

After making sure to make a relevant backup, we will go to the Applications section in Android Settings. So click WhatsApp and finally Storage.

Finally We will choose Empty Cache and Empty Storage to remove all app data from the phone After this we will re-enter our phone number in the app to get it working again.

And if none of the above functions… Uninstall WhatsApp

If the removal of the application trace has not been paid, the last solution will be skipped Uninstall the app completely from the phone memory. We can install it again using Android Play Store or App Store if we have an iPhone.

Still not working? Because the error can be caused by the failure of the current WhatsApp version, it is better use an external APK from pages like APK Mirror or Aptoide. With this, we will ensure that we always have the latest version of the application, which is generally newer than the one we can find in the app store.

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