Why does WhatsApp show me numbers instead of contact names?

by Kelvin

The fact in smartphones WhatsApp show only numbers instead of contact names, may be due to several reasons. In general they are not important, but it is convenient to know the causes that triggers this fact and how to solve it easily.

It is quite probable that what we are telling you sounds, surely you have entered into a specific occasion Whatsapp and instead of visualizing the names of the contacts, which should be normal, you see numbers and it is difficult for you to identify who each of them belongs to.


In some cases the solution is simple, but if it does not work you will have to try different things on your Android mobile or also on the iPhone to see if you finally see contact names instead of each of their phone numbers, which should be logical.

Wrong synchronization

One of the reasons why what we are telling you in WhatsApp can happen is because of a poor synchronization of the messaging application itself with contacts of the telephone. Although it is activated, at certain times it may fail and that is why it should be restored, for that, follow these simple steps:

  1. On your Android terminal, enter the settings and access the section "accounts", "users and accounts" or something related to that.
  2. Now click on "WhatsApp" and you should look for one option called "delete account" or "remove account" and press it, if it does not appear in the foreground, it is probably within a menu. In this case you should know that WhatsApp will not be deleted, but only the synchronization of the account with your mobile will be removed.

Image - Why does WhatsApp show me numbers instead of contact names?

  1. Finally, enter WhatsApp, touch the icon to open a new chat with a contact and on the menu button click on "update". Only by closing and opening WhatsApp should the names of the contacts appear instead of phone numbers.

Image - Why does WhatsApp show me numbers instead of contact names?

Permissions Denied

Another reason why WhatsApp is showing you only numbers instead of contact names, which should be the usual thing, is because probably lPermissions to access the agenda are denied or have simply been disabled.

The solution in this case goes through activate all permissions for WhatsApp, especially the one that refers to your phone contacts, so that the app can access and synchronize correctly to show names with numbers. Do the following:

  1. Enter the settings and access "applications or notifications", there should appear all the applications you have installed, including WhatsApp.
  2. Now you should go to WhatsApp and look for a section called "permissions", then you should look at WhatsApp are all enabled, if they are not, activate them all and make sure that the contacts are also.

Image - Why does WhatsApp show me numbers instead of contact names?

And with this you would already have WhatsApp permissions enabled on Android so that you can synchronize the numbers with the names of the contacts in your phonebook, it would be enough to close the application and open it again to see if the change of permissions has taken effect.

On the iPhone it is a bit different, you just have to enter the settings / privacy. Once inside, you should enter “contacts” and see if WhatsApp has access to your phone contacts, otherwise, check the box so you can have the permissions.

Image - Why does WhatsApp show me numbers instead of contact names?

As well you can enter settings and go down completely, there are the different apps with the settings and permissions you have, just go to WhatsApp and check that the contact box is active, which means you have the correct permissions.

Image - Why does WhatsApp show me numbers instead of contact names?

Unknown people who are not on your agenda

You may see numbers instead of contact names when you establish a conversation on WhatsApp with a stranger, that is, someone you don't have in contacts opens a chat and they are trying to talk to you.

When that happens, instead of his name you will see his phone number, but this situation is not a mistake, but it is normal because that person is not in your contact list with any name, is a person unknown to you and the WhatsApp app.

Image - Why does WhatsApp show me numbers instead of contact names?

This is common to happen with certain contacts, or when you give someone's phone number to talk to you on WhatsApp, the solution would be to add that person to your contacts of the phone and soon the name should appear instead of the number.

Loss of contacts

Although it is not usual, another cause that can cause the fact that you see numbers instead of contact names in WhatsApp is that You have lost those contacts and you no longer have them on your agenda, something that can happen with the change of phone, breakage of this, etc.

In this case, it would be enough for you to open WhatsApp and check if the numbers that appear from different contacts belong to someone that you know, so then you would have to go to the agenda and check if it is saved perfectly with the name, if not then you will have to create it, something that you will have with each of the people.

You already know several Reasons why WhatsApp can show you numbers instead of contact names, as you can see, they are small minor problems that have simple solutions, so check if something happens to you that we tell you, you can possibly solve it quickly.

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