Why Free VPN Spies Can Violate Your Privacy

by Kelvin
VPN шпион

VPNs can spy on users

Because VPN Jobs can say that our data will be in their hands. Ultimately, the information we send and receive, the pages we visit, or the services we use, pass through these programs. Its mission is to encrypt the connection and prevent our real IP address from reaching the recipient’s address, as well as the ability to change location.

VPN spy

We can choose Free VPN and others that are paid for. As we have always said, the latter is the most recommended if we really want to protect ourselves and also achieve optimal performance. The first, on the other hand, can affect our privacy.


And yes, VPNs can spy on users … How do freebies make a profit? One of the reasons is precisely to collect data from those who use it, to know the sites visited, their origin … and all this for sale to third parties. In this way, they manage to make a profit, but at the same time the privacy of users is violated.

Our data is of great value on the Internet. They can be used to include us in spam campaigns, to send targeted advertisements, or even, as we have seen, to sell to third parties. This makes it one way monetize VPN services.

Problemas con las VPN free

Paid VPN, the best option

With all that we have mentioned, there is no doubt which is the best solution: choosing paid VPN … This way we are going to make sure that we have a good service, a program that does not shutdown, does not offer a bad speed. But also, and most importantly, we’re going to prevent him from compromising our data and spying on us.

We have many options at our disposal for both mobile devices and desktops. Many interesting options and functions that may differ from each other. Hence, we should always choose the best VPN.

In order to choose the best VPN, there are several important aspects to follow. For example, we should see how many servers and from which countries it is available. This way, we can always choose the best option for maximum speed and avoid problems affecting correct operation.

You should also look at what encryption which uses a VPN. This can be a significant difference to achieve greater security when browsing the network using these types of services. Depending on which encryption you use, we may be more or less secure.

So, to summarize, we can say that the best way to avoid problems is to choose a paid, secure and reliable VPN network that guarantees good performance. Free versions can be used to spy on users while browsing.