When Instagram it has an error thousands of people are launched to the network in search of an answer and the error in question this time is the disappearance of the “Followed” tab in Instagram, a tab that serves to see the activity of the people we follow. Many people are experiencing an error in their accounts Instagram and they only see their own activity but … is it really a problem or is it something intentional?


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Right now Instagram has not ruled on an official solution nor does it seem that there is a special version that is affecting this mysterious disappearance. They are users of Instagram randomly those who say they cannot see the activity of the people they are following in Instagram. Because of the way this can be seen, everything indicates that it is an “experiment” of Instagram to really know how many people use this tab or could even be related to the latest privacy scandals of Facebook.

What activity can be seen in the Followed tab of Instagram?

In the Followed tab, which is in the Activity section of Instagram, people can see what the people they are following do. You can see actions such as:

  • People followed by the people you follow.
  • Comments from people who follow other people.
  • Likes of the people you follow in the publications.

Despite this, you can't see all the activity of the people you follow for a reason. In this tab you can only see the activity of the people you follow and in the profiles that are open to you. That is, if a person follows another that you do not follow, you will not be able to know what things they do within their profile. That is why you will not be able to see all the activity of the people you follow in Instagram. Even so, the problem that is happening now has nothing to do with it, because people cannot find that tab. In the image we can see an example (on the left with the tab and on the right without it).

How to retrieve the Followed tab from Instagram

How to recover the Followed tab in Instagram?

Our recommendation is that you stay waiting for Instagram clarify what happened with the Follows tab, although we give you several solutions that could work to recover it:

  • Reinstall Instagram or update the application: the first method, and the one that is working the most, is to reinstall the application of Instagram, update it in Play Store or install a later APK. This method has worked for many users and they have been able to see, in turn, the Followed tab in Instagram.
  • Clear the application cache: In many accounts it is enough to apply this simple solution. It consists of entering the Settings of your phone, look for the applications section and in the app of Instagram clear the cache If it does not work with that you can also try to delete the application data.
  • Try with another account: The latter, it is advisable to rule out problems and know if the origin of the disappearance of this tab has to do with the account or with the application of Instagram that the user is using. If changing the account is solved that means that the problem has originated from a failure with your account, and not with the application of Instagram. In this case, no matter how much the application is reinstalled, it will not be possible to solve it.

If the fault has to do with your account of Instagram the only thing you can try is to access the Settings of Instagram, enter the Help section and click on the "Report a problem" option. Click on Report a problem again, attach a screenshot of how you see that section and then click on Send. Instagram will work to restore this tab as soon as possible and you can see the activity of the people you follow.

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