will make the Pixels with recycled materials

by Kelvin
Google y el medio ambiente: fabricará los Pixel con materiales reciclados

The main problem for our planet are the human beings themselves. Pollution rates are increasingly high in a world whose environment is increasingly crushed by people's irresponsibilities. Plastics in the sea, smoke in the cities, extinct animals … Raising awareness among human beings of caring for their own planet is, paradoxically, very complicated. Therefore, it never hurts that large companies like Google bet on this type of environmental initiatives.

According to the latest information, Google will start manufacturing many of its hardware products, including Pixels, from recycled materials. A new way of proceeding that we have already seen in other manufacturers such as Samsung that has the objective of fidelizar to the maximum of users To a green campaign. We tell you all the details.


Google Pixel with recycled materials from 2022

From Google they are willing to change their construction dynamics for the Earth sustainability. Our planet is dying, and this type of initiatives, from whoever comes, are very well accepted by everyone. In the beginning, el year 2020 would be the one chosen by Google to use the so-called carbon neutral That promotes sustainability. However, it will not be until 2022 until the company of the big G does not start using all kinds of recycled components in his most famous products.

At least this is confirmed by Fast Company through an interview that has gone around the world. And since Mountain View, they already ensure that recycled plastic has been used to manufacture some Chromecast models or the famous web that covers Google Home. However, Google has already pledged to take a step forward in this aspect to integrate the recycled materials in Google products for the year 2022.

Google Pixel 3a

According to Google's director of hardware sustainability, Anna Meegan, emissions have been reduced by 40% over recent years. A success that is based on the replacement of air shipments by cargo ships. It is clear that the big brands are gradually becoming aware of the environment through proposals that our planet will end up thanking.

Source | Fast company

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