Windows 10: beware of the latest update KB4549951!

by Kelvin
Windows 10: beware of the latest update KB4549951!

Microsoft wanted to limit the number of updates to keep users safe. Windows 10. However, a recent update supposedly correcting certain aspects of the operating system would cause many users problems.

Updating updates can sometimes be counterproductive. Engineers from Google’s research group, Project Zero, came across a major security breach that resulted from an update to Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10 (and, more precisely, its 1903 version), dated May 2019. This research group, dedicated to tracking down bugs affecting in particular the functioning of the Google Chrome browser, discovered thata single line of code was behind the flaw according to SlashGear. This concerns a security feature of web browsers based on IT architecture Chromium : it therefore affects both Google Chrome and the new Microsoft Edge. According to engineers, this flaw would prevent the formation of security sandboxes, execution environments created automatically by browsers to prevent the opening of a new window. If it is a malicious pop-up, it runs in this closed environment and does not have access to the user’s operating system. Recently, Microsoft reportedly made corrections to it through a new major update. Only, the latter seems to have brought more worries than repairs …

Watch out for update KB4549951!

The patch KB4549951 (and probably update B4550945), deployed on Tuesday April 14 on the 1903 and 1909 versions of Windows 10, was allegedly responsible for a large number of operating system failures. Many users have complained that the Bluetooth and WiFi connections are not working properly. Others have reported slowdowns or even inability to launch a video or video game. The most unlucky ones, for their part, suffered the appearance of multiple error messages after reboots in the form of terrible “Blue Screen of Death” (or “blue screen of death”). This update was supposed to bring multiple corrections and adjustments to certain security aspects of the versions of Windows 10 concerned. As announced by Microsoft a few weeks ago, the company should only focus on security updates from May until further notice.


This Tuesday, April 28, Logithèque website noted an initial response from Microsoft’s support team. The Redmond company claims to have read the numerous reports and promises to monitor the situation and investigate “Permanently on all customer reactions”. While waiting for a fix from the fix, we recommend that you avoid installing update KB4549951. If it’s already too late and you experience any of the above issues, you can try uninstalling it to downgrade. For this, two methods are possible:

  • Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features → View update history → Select the targeted update with a right click and Uninstall.
  • Settings → Updates and Security → View update history → Uninstall updates → Select the targeted update and click Uninstall.

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