Windows 10, Windows 7 is not yet abandoned

by Kelvin
NetMarketShare - Market shares of the different OS in March 2020

Since January 14, 2020, Windows 7 is officially abandoned. Microsoft encourages move to Windows 10 but not everyone agrees.

The transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is not that obvious especially in the professional world. The process requires investments in time and resources. Fortunately, Microsoft is not as aggressive as when it was launched Windows 10. In 2015, the program “ Get Windows 10 “, Or GWX for the intimate ones caused a lot of ink. It triggered the download and installation of the OS without the permission and consent of certain users.

Although Windows 7 is no longer current, Microsoft maintains a user-friendly approach. A notification informs that the OS is end of life while recommending an upgrade to Windows 10 but without forcing anything.


Windows 7 and the upgrade notification, what you need to know!

The application displays only the warning and an option allows to stop its appearance.

At the moment there is not a massive wave of abandonment of this environment. Windows 7 is slowly losing presence but still remains the second most used operating system on PC worldwide.

Windows 10 and Windows 7, positions that do not change

Last January its presence was 25.56% against 57.08% for Windows 10. This ranking has changed little according to the latest figures from NetMarketShare. Windows 7 fell to 25.20% while Windows 10 is 57.39%.

NetMarketShare – Market shares of the different OS in March 2020

This assessment between January and February shows that the transition to Windows 10 remains difficult and little envisaged for the moment. Windows 7 will continue to decline but it will take time especially since Microsoft is marketing personalized support for the next three years. Companies therefore have a loophole for a little while longer.

Microsoft must prepare for a new experience Windows XP. Abandoned since April 2014, Windows XP continues to be part of the IT landscape in 2020. Its global presence is around 1.3%. If “Seven” follows the same path, it will still be relevant in 2026 … Let’s also add that Windows 7 is special. It embodies the latest “traditional” version of Windows.

Windows 10, how to upgrade your PC for free Windows 7?

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