Windows 11: Know the main problems presented by the OS

by Kelvin
Windows 11: Know the main problems presented by the OS

After revealing to the world the long-awaited Windows 11, Microsoft released the download of the first beta version for users enrolled in the Insider program. Earlier this week, the tech company also released a list of the top issues featured in this build number 22000.51.

In an official blog post on Windows Insider, the company recalled that it continues to work to improve the experience on the new operating system. In addition, she has promised that new tools will be added to the software, such as Teams and Android apps, which will be on the app store for the first time.

Keep in mind that the OS will also remove a number of features, such as Cortana, Internet Explorer, Tablet Mode and S Mode and more. Check below the main problems presented by build 22000.51 of Windows 11.



  • The taskbar will not be displayed in multiple monitor mode;
  • The preview window may not be displayed in its entirety when the mouse hovers over it in the task preview part.


  • When updating a device with multiple user accounts, the settings will not start;
  • The Power Mode setting does not appear on the Power and Battery page;
  • When opening the Settings app, a brief green light may appear.


  • In some cases, you may not be able to enter text when using Home Search or the taskbar;
  • An issue prevents applications from launching at startup, causing the File Explorer command bar to disappear.


  • Application icons in the Search panel might not load and instead appear as gray squares;
  • When hovering over the Search icon in the taskbar, the 3rd most recent search does not load;
  • After clicking the Search icon in the taskbar, the panel may not open;
  • The search panel may appear black and not display any content.


  • Scaling the text size of the system will also adjust widgets, which can result in cropped widgets;
  • When using the screen reader in widgets, content may be read incorrectly;
  • The widget frame may appear empty;
  • When using Outlook with an account, changes to Calendar and Tasks may not sync with real-time widgets;
  • Widgets may be displayed with the wrong sizes on external monitors.

Microsoft Store

  • The install button may not work with some apps;
  • Rating and comments are not available in some apps.

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