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by Kelvin
Windows 11 and the Insider program, non-compatible PCs are no longer welcome - GinjFo

Microsoft has officially released the very first ISO images of Windows 11. They allow you to test the operating system through a virtual machine. It is also possible to precede an installation from scratch.

The arrival of these ISOs is also an opportunity to discover the new OOBE offered by Microsoft. OOBE is the contraction of Out Of Box Experience. This is the program that helps the user during the installation process.

On the other hand, these ISOs are not “general public”. They are published as part of the program Windows Insider. This also indicates that they are installing a “Preview” version of Windows 11, build 22000.132 which cannot be considered sand. It should only be used for testing and not on a production PC.


Windows 11 and installation ISOs

It’s very likely that Microsoft will be offering a refresh in the coming weeks. It will be done if a new version of Windows Sufficiently stable 11 landed. For the moment the giant does not offer any information on this subject.

Windows  11 and the new installation experience (OOBE) - Name your PC

Windows 11 and the new installation experience (OOBE) – Name your PC

The firm emphasizes

Windows It should be finalized next fall. A start of deployment is normally scheduled before the end of the year. This will be a first step only. The ramp-up will take place next year, in 2022.

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