Windows adoption of Linux will take time in China

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Linux UOS operating system

Linux is considered a serious alternative to Windows. According to the latest figures concerning its market share, its popularity with the general public remains low.

Likewise, its adoption by certain professionals and organizations takes time. For example, according to the general manager of Union Tech, Liu Wenhuan, the transfer of power between Windows and Linux in China could take 10 years.

Linux UOS operating system

Union Tech is behind UOS, a Linux-based operating system that is supposed to allow China to give up Windows. The move is part of a long-term strategy to reduce dependence on Microsoft software.

Linux UOS operating system


Windows, adopting Linux takes time

The development of an alternative to Windows is not an easy thing to do. China is progressing at a fairly slow pace. However, there are advances. Union Tech is currently in talks with local companies to support their software and devices. Chinese authorities hope that Windows could be replaced on approximately 30% of their devices.

StatCounter - Trends in market share of Windows and Linux in China

StatCounter – Trends in market share of Windows and Linux in China

According to Latest StatCounter Figures 86.67% of Desktop Computers in China Use Windows and 9.94% work with macOS d’’Apple. Linux is only a tiny 0.6%.

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