Windows Repair Toolbox, what is needed to repair Windows

by Kelvin

Each specialist has his problem solving tools. A doctor has his briefcase, a plumber or electrician has his toolbox and a computer professional has his program collection For when something goes wrong.

Next to the solutions that Windows brings with it to solve problems of operation or performance, there are many names of programs that usually leave whenever something fails. As well, Windows Repair Toolbox collect a long list of them for solve any inconvenience.


Let's see what it brings Windows Repair Toolbox, a program that does not require installation, that you can save to a pendrive or your virtual disk like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive and use it when there is a problem on your PC or someone who needs your help.

Tools and more tools

Windows Repair Toolbox collects solutions of all kinds and organizes them in tabs and buttons so that we execute them in case we need them. In addition, it allows search for updates and download them to get everything ready and in its latest version.

Windows Repair Toolbox, what is needed to repair Windows 4

For starters, it offers tools to check the status of our well-known hardware such as HWiNFO, CPU-Z or Disk Info. Each one works independently, and since they are all portable, you don't need to install anything on the PC where you need to work or leave any trace.

In addition to analyzing the hardware, we can do Backups in case we need to format or reinstall Windows, with software such as FastCopy, CloneApp or Recuva. Also has cleaners and uninstallers in case the problem is simply caused by a program, as well as shortcuts to tools of Windows like chkdsk or the Event Viewer of Windows.

Cleaning malware

In the second tab of Windows Repair Toolbox call Malware Removal We will find help in case the PC problem with Windows to fix has to do with viruses, trojans or malware in general.

Specifically, it offers malware analysis and cleaning tools from Microsoft, Kaspersky, Emsisoft, Norton and Dr. Web, among others.

Windows Repair Toolbox, what is needed to repair Windows 5

To this we must add shortcuts to update Windows or delicate components such as Java or Flash. Finally, in the security section you can also run the disk defragmentor, edit the list Autoruns or throw CCleaner To do cleaning.

Definitely, Windows Repair Toolbox will put all the tools we usually go to at hand if something goes wrong in Windows or with the computer. You may know all or discover a new one to add to your repertoire of solutions.

Best of all, all the tools are free and you don't need to install them, so you can use them, once downloaded, on any problematic equipment to solve any error or failure of Windows.

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