Windows Users report that Cortana is a resource for PC


Google Chrome may be a memory pig, but Chrome features others are so good that people keep using them. But what if a feature you never use ends up being a pig resource? That would be annoying to say the least.


Yes for some Windows users after launch Windows Update 10 KB4512941, there is a problem. Many users report that there may be a bug causing Cortana to consume more resources than it should. Cortana is Microsoft's answer to Apple Siri.

Some users report that due to Cortana's monopoly resources, their PCs are now slowing down. They say Cortana causes an increase in resources anywhere between 30-40% and even uses system memory when not in use. It seems that Microsoft has a chance to handle the problem before an update is released, but they don't. We do not know why this happened.

When testing updates, users provide feedback through Comments Hub where some have pointed out that problem. With the increasing number of complaints, we are confident that Microsoft will examine the problem and possibly be busy working on repairs as I write this.

Source Ubergizmo

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