Windows XP Ends With Nearly Zero Market Share in 2021

by Kelvin
Windows XP Ends With Nearly Zero Market Share in 2021

During this time, there is no doubt that if there are two versions Windowsthat have been extremely successful and are still well remembered for Windows, this is XP and Windows 7. But, of course, time passes, and technologies develop, so these versions are left behind in time. But this does not mean that people forget them, they just become obsolete.

Windows  XP is coming to an end

In this case, we will focus on the above Windows XP , an operating system that has a well-deserved place in the history of technology books. This is the version released by the people of Redmond that changed the way we worked on our PC … At this point, we can say that XP has been a very successful operating system, there is no doubt about that. In fact, despite Microsoft when it was terminated in April 2014, users were not yet ready to abandon the software.


Windows XP is the operating system that changed the way we work

That’s why Windows XP survived for so many years after it was abandoned and its official support was discontinued. Moreover, many continued to use it, despite the security risks when working with a system that does not receive updates or security patches … Some users have used other security measures in an attempt to stay safe in Windows XP. On the contrary, others did nothing in this regard, so their computers became very vulnerable to possible external attacks.

Please be aware that Microsoft provided support Windows XP for 12 years, but the time came when I had to give it up for good. After that, the people of Redmond decided to focus their work on supporting other more modern technologies and more advanced versions. Windows… This is what users were informed at the time, i.e. updates for to protect Windows XP have been completed.

Windows  XP

At the same time, they warned millions of users that using an unsupported XP computer would work, but could become much more vulnerable. This is what directly affects the security of the stored data. It was also reported that Internet Explorer 8 is also not supported here, so its use further exacerbates these risks in the face of additional threats.

Windows XP can be considered a dead system

Thus, more than 6 years after the official disappearance Windows XP was still widely used, although its market share was gradually declining. We tell you all this, because now, just about to begin year 2021 , we can say that Windows XP is about to disappear once and for all. This is mainly because his market Share according to the latest data fell below 1%.

Therefore, most devices have already been updated to a newer version. Windows… This is minimal global use, so you could say XP is already part of history technologies finally. The reason some people adhere to Windows XP, boils down to compatibility with some very specific Applications