With this trailer, you'll understand what The Last of Us Part II is all about

by Kelvin

The Story of Our Last Part Part II

Something happened in downtown Jackson, and Ellie He was so influenced, that he decided to come out and give justice to those in charge of the new situation. Throughout the story, Ellie will hunt down every criminal, one by one, something that, according to the video's official description, will have an effect, "both physical and emotional." In the video we see how the protagonist cures his own wounds and creates weapons, in addition to many sentimental situations that, without a doubt, will keep hair straight for more than one player.


Game over

In addition to this new show video, other good news is related to game development, as the creator recently announced that they have reached Gold phase, so the game is already packing up the disc and completing its online distribution. In the words of Neil Druckmann:

The past few weeks have kept us busy: We've completed the development of The Last of Us Part II with one month remaining until June 19, 2020, a new release date. It's something that makes us feel a bit real. This project not only represents the years of hard work and dedication of all of us at Naughty Dog, but the adventure of adventure that began with Ellie, Joel and each of you about seven years ago. It's not easy, but we're lucky that you're with us every step of the way. You do not know how much your enthusiasm and support towards us ».

When was The Last of Us Part II launched?

After several delays and complicated coronavirus situations, the game hits the next store Jun 19So there is still a bit to be gained with this incredible adventure that aims to be one of the best works to close out the current console generation before accepting the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Watch out for spoilers

We must remind you that a very important game leak reveals a lot of details and cinematic scenes that are very important, even letting it end, so we strongly recommend that you be very careful when looking for relevant information and visiting theme-related forums. So neat a story with so many details doesn't deserve to be spoiled with tasty spoilers, so stay strong and wait until June 19th. We're almost there.

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