Withings partners with Leiden Hospital to facilitate follow-up of coronavirus patients

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Withings partners with Leiden Hospital to facilitate follow-up of coronavirus patients
Withings ScanWatch

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Withings and Leiden Hospital team up to facilitate home monitoring of patients infected with coronavirus, among others.

The different connected objects of Withings allow the hospital to monitor the health of patients staying at home.

Withings and Leiden Hospital Extend The Box Project

Since 2017, Withings and the Dutch hospital in Leiden have been working on a remote patient monitoring program. In 2019, 800 patients joined the program, in particular to monitor heart problems.

In 2020, the project will be extended to also monitor pregnancies, diabetic patients, but also people who have contracted COVID-19 disease.

Withings Thermo

© Withings

“” Says Withings.

A “COVID Box” for patients affected by the coronavirus

Thus, the Withings program allows patients in the cardiology department, leaving the hospital, to receive a “, which contains in particular the Withings Thermo (connected thermometer), a BPM Core connected blood pressure monitor and a device for measuring the saturation rate in oxygen.

In this way, the patient can be followed remotely, the data collected by the connected objects being analyzed by groups of specialized nurses. Obviously, when all the symptoms have disappeared, the patient returns his box to the Leiden hospital.

Withings BPM Core test © Mathieu Grumiaux for Clubic

For Mathieu Letombe, P.-D.G. from Withings: ”

For the past few years, Withings has been responsible for increasing its partnerships with the
international medical community.

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