WiZ arrives in Brazil with three smart lamp options

by Kelvin
A wiz chega ao brasil com um portfólio de lâmpadas inteligentes de 127 volts

Signify’s brand, which replaced Philips Lighting in the world market, Wiz launched a line of smart lamps in Brazil

This Tuesday (23), the WiZ, a brand controlled by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), announced its arrival in the Brazilian market with three new lighting products. These are the smart lamps GU10 and Bulb A60, as well as a 19 cm recessed panel with luminaire, all included in the connected home portfolio.

The announcement was made by the consumer manager, Gustavo Rudge, who commented on the company’s intention to reach an audience in the country that still does not have much contact with the automation system. For this, according to him, the prices of new products are intermediary to the existing retail options.


The WiZ brand’s differential is in its mobile application that has synchronization with the main virtual assistants in the market, such as Crab, Alexa, Google Home, between others. “The goal is for consumers to be able to do everything through the WiZ app, which can be connected to key systems,” said Edgard Jiron, Product Marketing Manager at Signify.

The company arrives in the country with smart lamps in 127-volt versions, but expects to launch 220-volt options by the end of 2021.

Differentials of the smart lamp application gives WiZ

According to the company, the main differential of its application is the ease of automation. This is because it is already programmed with numerous settings, which can be activated at any time by the smartphone. There are presets for light temperature, activated colors, working hours and even settings for special dates.

It is possible to control, for example, the lamp activation rate, to better adapt to daylight and sleep, right after waking up or before going to sleep. On holidays like Christmas, users can activate the preset mode for the period, where the light is alternating between green and red. There is also the possibility of activating the circadian cycle settings, which take into account the time of day to obtain the most suitable lighting for that period.

The app also has lamp dimming to ensure greater energy savings and allows consumers to create their own energy and automation settings.

WiZ A60 E27 lamp

The wiz a60 e27 smart lamps are suitable for use in any space

With a suggested price of R$139, this smart LED lamp is suitable for installation in any space, whether at home or at work, considering that it fits into traditional nozzles. The light bulb A60 E27 It has Wi-Fi connection, guarantees the delivery of 25,000 hours of life and a 3-year warranty.

WiZ GU10c lamp

The wiz gu10c smart lamps are adapted to places where plaster is present.

the smart lamp GU10c it was made for places where plaster is present at the installation site. According to the brand, there are more than 16 million colors and a white light that can be activated in hot or cold mode.

The device has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, no external hardware required. WiZ delivers a 2-year warranty on the product that supports up to 15 thousand hours of nominal life and has a suggested price of R$175.

WiZ Embedded Panel

The wiz recessed panel comes with smart lamps and is 19 cm in circumference

This is the product is for those who have a designed house, with the option of built-in lights. It comes with a built-in LED lamp, featuring intelligent 16 million color lighting, plus hot and cold mode.

There are more than 25 thousand hours of useful life in a product that weighs about 250 grams. As well as the A60 lamp, the panel also has automation and the possibility of management via cell phone. The suggested price is R$ 309.

These are the first WiZ line smart lamps to land in Brazil and inaugurate the launch calendar that should extend throughout 2021 with the arrival of other brand solutions in the domestic market. This is a movement that seeks to reinforce Signify’s commitment to offering lighting technologies that make users’ lives easier.

WiZ Announcement

After all, who is WiZ?

WiZ is a subsidiary of Signify, which in 2018 took over Philips Lighting’s operations worldwide. At the time, company directors said that this change expressed a new identity, showing the strategic vision of the brand. “The choice of our company’s new name stems from how light has become an intelligent language that connects and conveys meaning,” said Eric Rondolat, CEO of Signify.

At first, products in the lighting segment continued to use the Philips brand, whose name carries strong market confidence worldwide. However, now the company reaffirms its position in Brazil, with the arrival of WiZ in these three models of smart lamps, which can be integrated with other items in the connected home system. There is still no forecast when new products will be released.