WiZ Connected Wi-Fi Review WiZmote – an inexpensive and easy remote control for your lights …


A handy accessory for those who want to control their WiZ smart lights without first running the app or requesting Alexa or Google Assistant, Wi-Fi WiZmote is an affordable and simple remote control that allows you to control all WiZ lights in a room. The lightweight and durable remote has impressive wireless coverage and battery life, but there is no easy way to mount it on the wall, nor does it (yet) allow you to control the lighting scene. Wi-Fi Wi-Fi $ 15 slated to go on sale this April after debuting at CES last month.


Wi-Fi WiZmote features eight buttons, including on / off buttons, night light buttons, four favorite buttons that you can set to lighting mode using the WiZ mobile app, and brightness rockers.


Weighing in at just two ounces with two AAA batteries installed, the remote itself (which basically shares the same design as the WiZ infrared remote) feels light, nice, but sturdy, with an ergonomic curved back that keeps the rock remote control back and forth when sitting on a flat surface.

Since there is no wallplate or type of magnetic or adhesive mount, there is no easy way to mount WiZmote on the wall, temporarily or vice versa. And speaking of AAA batteries that WiZmote needs, they are not included, so you should put them on the $ 15 long distance price tag


Setting up and running Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is easy. After running the WiZ mobile app, navigate to the Home tab, Touchez the "+" button, Touchez WiZmote, then press the power button on the remote three times.

The WiZ app finds the remote control in about a second or so. After setting up the remote control in one of your rooms, you are good enough to leave.

Operation and performance

Unlike the previous IR WiZmote, which only works when you point the remote control directly at the light you want to control, WiZmote Wi-Fi can control all the lights in a room at once. Because a Wi-Fi enabled remote is connected directly to your WiZ Wi-Fi lamp, rather than your router, it needs to be close enough to the room (though it doesn't). at space) for WiZmote to work. In my test, the remote control worked perfectly from 50 feet. It should also be noted that WiZmote Wi-Fi only allows you to control one light room at a time; If you want to control the lights in another room, you need to reset the remote control to that room.

wiz is connected to wi fi wizmote settings.jpeg

Right now, Wi-Fi WiZmote can only control up to four lighting modes, but WiZ promises that support for special scenes is on the road map.

The four numbered buttons on the WiZmote are assigned to four favorite lights in the room configured by the remote control. For example, if the lighting mode is no. 1 set to "warm white", press button "1" the remote will switch all the (compatible) lights in the room to warm white mode. Unfortunately, you can't set a specific lighting scene for one of the four buttons, even though the WiZ rep promised that such a feature will come "in the future."

Meanwhile, the other buttons on the WiZmote Wi-Fi work exactly as you'd expect, with the on / off switch that turns all the lights in the room on and off, and the nightlight switch that switches to nightlight mode, while darker light switch lets you adjust brightness

The WiZ representative said two AAA Wi-Fi WiZmote batteries will last up to two years, in part because of the low-power Wi-Fi radio.


We hope WiZmote Wi-Fi comes with a wall plate for easy installation, and we hope some AAA batteries are included in the package. That said, WiZmote Wi-Fi does what it says on the cheap, and it will be even better once WiZ has support for controlling lighting scenes.

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