WLAN light: Lifx shows multi-color candle with LED zones and TV strip

by Kelvin
WLAN-Licht: Lifx zeigt Multi-Color-Kerze mit LED-Zonen und TV-Strip

Picture: Lifx

The Australian smart-light manufacturer Lifx presents two new light sources at this year's IFA: the Lifx Candle Color as the first smart multi-color luminaire and the Lifx Z TV-Strip. However, both products will not be available until November.

The Lifx Candle Color is a Wi-Fi-enabled light source that can play multiple colors at the same time. Equipped with 27 LEDs and several independent light zones, this can produce colored effects. Not only can a wall be colored, for example, but the candle color can also imitate the flickering light of a candle, serve as a lava lamp or produce a stroboscopic effect. Lifx uses the same technology known as Polychrome technology, which is also used in the existing Tile, Beam and Z-Strip products.


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Control also by voice

The light of the Candle Color is controlled via the Lifx app. The new WiFi bulb is also compatible too Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant. Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana, so that the light can be controlled by voice command. Smart home systems such as Samsung SmartThings and Homey or networking via Conrad Connect, IFTTT and Logitech Harmony are also possible. The E14-threaded Lifx Candle Color will be available in November at a suggested retail price of € 54.99.

One step ahead of the complete lamp, the Model F from Luke Roberts (Test) has already followed the approach with multiple LED zones. In this case, the upward-radiating light can be dipped in different RGB colors.

Z-Strip now as a TV version

Since the Lifx Z-Strip is often used on the TV, the company brings the Z TV Strip a customized version on the market, which is shorter and only one meter instead of two meters long. The technology itself has not changed, so that several light zones with different colors can still be controlled. The Z TV Strip will be available for 69.99 euros, the 2-meter version currently costs 89.99 euros.

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