Wolfenstein: Youngblood: There is no swastika in Microsoft and Media-Saturn


Wolfenstein: Youngblood version that has not been cut has provided some previous conversations. International versions can also be legally sold in Germany, including Nazi symbolism. Not so with Microsoft and Media-Saturn, who oppose the sale of the swastika version.

The international version includes Nazi symbolism

The theme of the swastika and Nazi symbolism in video games is historically controversial, especially in controversial Germany. Wolfenstein: Youngblood by developer Bethesda is one of the latest and most popular titles where Nazi symbols can be seen "without varnish".


In Germany, on the one hand, there will be censored versions of action games without Nazi symbolism to be purchased, on the other hand, but also uncensored international versions in the Federal Republic after the end of the general ban is fully distributed and get legally. Both versions are classified under USK 18 and therefore have not yet received a youth release in accordance with § 14 of the Youth Protection Act.

  • The German version offers German versions and German subtitles, but there is no Nazi symbolism that is unconstitutional.
  • The international version contains English editions and English subtitles, as well as all "historical" Nazi symbols, including swastikas.
International and German versions of Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Media-Saturn sells exclusively the German version

The Media-Saturn Group companies sell exclusively in their branches and also in their online store exclusively the German version of Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Although the uncut international version has also been rated USK 18 standards, and because it can be seamlessly offered in branches and online stores, Media-Saturn deliberately refrains from taking this step. A spokeswoman for the group referred to the "sensitive content" of the international version, which would result in the company launching sales. Going forward, Media-Saturn intends to examine on a case-by-case basis whether video game sales with Nazi symbolism are acceptable to the company and whether the appropriate titles will be included within its own scope. Wolfenstein: Youngblood does not make the jump to the product catalog.

In both online stores there is only a German version for around 40 euros for a PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch was obtained.

There is no international version of Microsoft

Microsoft does not currently offer an international version for Xbox One, and the PC version is currently not available as an uncensored version through Microsoft. A link to the international version for Xbox One also includes Amazon in the blanks and also GameStop does not offer them. Xbox One players are currently only able to access the German version without Nazi symbolism. However, an official statement from Microsoft is not yet available.

Sony, Nintendo and Steam leave the player's choice

On PlayStation 4, players can purchase Wolfenstein: Youngblood International and German versions from the official PlayStation Store, and retail versions are also included Amazon available. Steam also offers a version of Wolfenstein and offers PC gamers the option of whether they want to experiment with playing with or without Nazi symbols. There is also freedom of choice with Nintendo, the version for Switch Also available in both versions through the official Nintendo store.

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