Wolfenstein: Youngblood

by Kelvin
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Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein: Youngblood It comes as a spin-off of one of the most emblematic series of first person shooting games. Bethesda has opted for a different concept, which although it complies in several sections, could disappoint fans of Wolfenstein Because of its shallow depth.Doom Y Wolfenstein They are two franchises that resurfaced in recent years thanks to the excellent work of id Software and MachineGames. While the new Doom rescue the arcade elements that made the original famous, Wolfenstein He has opted for a more linear and leisurely gameplay, focusing on the narrative.

Maybe that's the reason why the opinion on Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the new spin-off of the series, it has polarized. The game, jointly developed by MachineGames and Arkane Studios (Dishonored), moves away from the initial formula and offers a lighter cooperative experience and with winks to looter shooters as Borderlands.


Wolfenstein: Youngblood It's not bad, just try to be different and at some point he loses his way, becoming a medley of ideas with little cohesion. That may be enough for a fan of The new colossus He feels "betrayed."Wolfenstein: Youngblood It takes place in the 1980s, where the Nazis refuse to disappear and still control a part of France. The plot It focuses on the strange disappearance of B.J. Blazkowicz, whom his twin daughters – Jess and Soph – will try to find.

The only clue takes our protagonists to Neu-Paris, where they meet the Resistance leader whom they decide to support in order to discover the whereabouts of Blazkowicz. Unlike previous games, Youngblood It is not a linear experience since the missions located in the eighties Paris can be carried out in the order desired.

The map is divided into several areas of Paris, connected by the Metro and managed from a special base located in the catacombs. It is this last area where we can catch our breath, reload our weapons and get new missions.

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Those with experience in the previous titles will realize the obvious leap that exists in game design. Wolfenstein Youngblood keeps almost intact the gunplay, but with an extra touch of speed supported by a double jump as in Doom. The developers compensate for the lack of experience of the twins in the war with a super-powerful suit that allows reloading weapons faster or performing special movements.

The scenarios adapt very well to the cooperative game: They are wider and have areas to cover or flank the enemy. This is one of the most notable points and it shows the hand of Arkane Studios, who have experience addressing different types of gameplay in the saga Dishonored.

Each region of Neu-Paris is full of areas to explore, where we will get money to improve weapons and some bonus that unlock certain sections in the menus. While the secret areas is something we have seen since the original games, in Wolfenstein: Youngblood There is an additional element that invites us to explore the entire map: loot. ## The jump to the 'looter shooter'

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Jess and Soph level up as they gain experience and that allows them to gain skills and fight against more powerful enemies. Weapons are customizable and to install attachments it is necessary to get money on the map. The coins are watered everywhere, although it is best to look for loot boxes exploring less obvious areas of the stage.

The loot and the experience system is a jump from the previous game and It is part of a series of elements that break the dive. While in the Wolfenstein previous we knew more powerful enemies as we advanced in the game, in Youngblood a number has been placed on their head that indicates their level.

If they are five or higher than you, a red skull warns that you will be shot, even if it is the same Gestapo officer you killed in the previous alley. It is here where Youngblood stop being a Wolfenstein and it becomes a The Division or Borderlands, adopting the concept of looter shooter that many have criticized.

The problem of Wolfenstein: Youngblood it is not that it has loot boxes or that the user interface is overloaded with colorful icons, but that sooner or later the game becomes a kind of "help me and help you", where the twins accept an infinite number of side missions that They make you forget the main objective of finding Blazkowicz.

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Being a cooperative game helps a bit, since the experience is planned to kill Nazis, collect money, level up and repeat. In terms of gameplay it is well executed, because the scenarios and skills take advantage of different types of gameplay, like going straight ahead to kill them with a shotgun, while your partner covers you from a distance.

If things go wrong and you take a lot of damage, your sister can save you. If both fall, you will have to spend one of the three lives shared to revive and be able to help her. There are bonuses in the form of a gesture that is activated with a button, here you can increase armor, health and even revive someone from a distance.

Stealth is present, although not as in the previous 'Wolfenstein' you could play in stealth mode, although it doesn't always work well. There is a camouflage that makes you invisible, but its effectiveness is dictated by the level of your character. If you wish a more leisurely experience, it is advisable to play alone or do it with a friend who looks for the same. Your twin's artificial intelligence is not bad and constantly activates its ability not to be detected.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood offers between 15 and 20 hours of play, depending on the side missions you take and how much you want to unlock. The streets of Neu-Paris become repetitive, as do the optional objectives assigned to you in full game.

The concept of loot It is not as deep as in other games, since out of money or unlockables, there are no unique weapons or powerful items that invite us to devote time. As expected, there are microtransactions, but at no time did I feel the need to spend real money, because there simply isn't something to justify it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpPTB9hyg2g7.5 Mixing several elements prevents Wolfenstein: Youngblood from enjoying his own identity. Fans of previous games will find this spin-off Unconvincing, although for those who want a lighter experience to enjoy it with a friend, it is highly recommended.

The level design is impeccable, as is the gunplay and the visual aspect. The most arcade experience is complemented by a soundtrack that invites you to run through the stages, shooting everything that moves.

Perhaps the only truly unpresentable thing is that the game cannot be paused, even alone, so if you want a moment of peace you should look for a Nazi-free zone to make adjustments.- Level design – Characteristic Gunplay – Frantic playability – Level visual worthy of the franchise- The loot as a component – Leveling up breaks the dive – The story is not flashy – That the game cannot be paused

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