Work of the future: I met the 10 marketing jobs that will be essential in the coming years

by Kelvin
Work of the future: I met the 10 marketing jobs that will be essential in the coming years

A Cognizant study identified which jobs will change things in the future and what profiles companies will look for

The business marketing sectors are watching in real time how their work is deeply seen by the digital transformation. With the emergence of new technological tools, new profiles and new responsibilities began to emerge that will be essential for all companies in the near future.


Diversifying seems to be the key, in addition to having qualified professionals in soft skills.

A study by Cognizant identified what jobs will change things in the future and what profiles companies will seek to incorporate into their marketing teams, in a ten-year forecast. The future will go through technology, true, but also through many elements linked to how things are changing and what consumers expect from brands and companies.

Companies will have to have more and more interdisciplinary workers and also able to get into such complex issues as empathy.

Empathy and mood managers

In recent years, emotions have been remarkably strained in the discourse on marketing and advertising. Marketers have understood the importance of establishing emotional ties with consumers and connecting with them at those levels.

At the same time, it has become clearer that, when an emotional connection is established, the link between the consumer and the brand in question is much stronger, which has strengthened its weight in the strategy. If we love a brand, for example, we will not only be more faithful, but we will also become prescribers.

Therefore, it is not surprising to discover that very linked profiles appear in future forecasts. Experts point out that empathy and encouragement managers will be needed. As they point out in the analysis, competition for prices and goods is about to enter a stage of maturity, which will move the struggle to emotions.

Neuro A / B tester

The A / B tests are already a crucial tool in the marketing strategy and one that companies that are doing things in digital marketing are better to use to understand their consumers. The future will go a step further in this type of tests, adding neuroscience more commonly to the processes. This will make it more necessary to sign neuromarketing experts to do those tests.

Analyst with "a sixth sense"

It seems an almost born position of the title of a supernatural mystery film: sixth sense analyst, analyst with sixth sense. It is an evolution of the usual trend-spotter, taking it further. These analysts are able to see where things are going and what the future will bring, but in this case they will be able to predict trends and fashions long before they happen.

They will not read the market to detect nascent trends, but will anticipate it. They will do it using artificial intelligence as an ally.

Purpose planner

A new profile that companies will need will be that of their responsible for purposes, the planner who will work on the roadmap of the commitments and objectives of the maca and how it contributes to the environment and the society in which it moves. Since companies are increasingly clear that they have to have objectives and commitments, it is quite logical that they are responsible for signing professionals who lead that work.

Head of creativity in bots

Will the bots change the customer experience and the attention given to consumers? If companies want this to happen, they will have to work very well how those bots operate and what they do.

To do this, they will need to make sure that the experience is positive, the unique and authentic bot and that the connection with the brand is solid. It is there where those responsible for creativity come in for bots, who will ensure that the messages that the bots launch connect with what they want to convey to the audience.

Data ethnographers

Ethnography is another of the social sciences that will become key in the marketing and data industries. The data ethnographers, ethnographers of the data, focus on what the large amounts of information provide to read consumer behaviors in relation to the brand, which helps to shape the strategy much better.

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