Working from Home in 2021: Essential Programs for Windows

by Kelvin
Основные программы удаленной работы в 2021 году

We’re going to focus on this specific issue because teleworking or teleworking is something that many companies have implemented. The reason for all this is obvious, because thanks to Internet Many people today do not need to go to a physical office to fulfill their obligations. To this we add that teleworking is being used as a contingency plan due to ongoing restrictions.

Major telecommuting programs in 2021

Be that as it may, the first thing we need for all this is to connect the computer to the Internet, which is important in most cases. On the other hand, we also have to consider the programs that we will use in it. We will talk about this further. And we are going to list some of the applications that can be considered essential for working remotely.


Each type of work requires specific programs. There will be teleworking in which only a web browser is sufficient, and others in which it will be necessary to use software developed by the company. However, regardless of the position or type of work we do, there are always common tools that cannot be missing from any computer of people who decide to work remotely. This.

Modern web browser for working from home

A web browser is an Internet connection. Windows has its own browser (edge) and this allows us to set other browsers to be able to connect and navigate in a different way. If we don’t have a very old computer and no updates, we probably already have a good browser ready to accompany us on our remote work day. Be it new Edge Chromium , Google chrome or Firefox , one of these programs must be yes or yes, on our PC. We recommend using a different browser for personal use and for work from home. In this way, we can divide our data well and increase our productivity.

We could also include an email client here (Outlook, Windows 10 Mail, etc.), but the truth is, from the browser, we can check mail much faster, so this is not necessary.

Vertical edges - Grupos pestañas

Software for writing and opening any documents

Of course, more than once we have to write a document in order to share it with another colleague, or open a document sent to us from another department. Therefore, we must have a computer that is ready to work with all types of documents without any problems.

Microsoft Office suite, Office, is one of the main components of any PC that we are going to use in our work. With its help, we will not have problems with opening or writing all kinds of Word documentation, Excel sheets or slide presentations with PowerPoint. And in the event that we are going to work with PDF documents, we need a good viewer that does not give us problems when opening all types of documents, as is the case with adobe reader

Adobe reader

And here you couldn’t miss this complete office suite specially designed for group work and remote collaboration. It contains the most common office programs such as Text editor and one more to create spreadsheets , among other things. It is true that its functionality cannot be compared to Microsoft Office, but this is compensated by the ease of teamwork. It has a great commenting system and integrates easily with other solutions in the Google ecosystem like Gmail or Drive.

Chats and video calls: indispensable when working from home

When we are in the office, we can talk to people face to face. But when working from home, we must choose the closest possible alternative. And that alternative is video calls. With the advent of the opportunity to work from home, the use of all kinds of corporate chat platforms with the function of video calls has become widespread.

Depending on the software used by the company, here we may need some or other programs. Zoom for example, it is a fast solution for video calling with a large number of users at the same time. Microsoft Teams and Sluggish two more alternatives focused on text chat that also have video calling features. And of course, Google meet for quick, impromptu calls.

Microsoft Teams - Chats

And who does not know this other software that has been with us for many years and which is part of Microsoft solutions … It is especially suitable for various ways of communicating with other online users. In fact, it is more than ideal for video conferencing from both PC and mobile … This will allow us to conduct remote meetings over the Internet between several employees , For instance.

In addition, over the years, he did not stop growing and improving until he became one of the benchmarks in the sector and was suitable for remote work.

Share files in the cloud with your colleagues

This is one of the many cloud storage services we can use, arguably the most popular. As you can imagine, this will be very useful when sharing large files or many of them over the Internet. It also offers us everything we need to share everything we save here with others. users in a simple and straightforward way.

To all this we add that we have a free modality that suits the needs of the majority. But this is not the only solution of this type that we can use, we have many others. Also, One Drive from Micosoft or Drive from the search giant Google.

Organizational problems? Calendars, agendas and sheets for remote work

One of the main problems when working from home is disorganization. In a short time, we can accumulate a lot of work and a lot of appointments, and we can reach a state of blockage in which we don’t know where to start.

We can use calendars such as Outlook or Google, as well as other types of programs that help us organize all our events and help us avoid organizational problems. Also, if we are working with other colleagues on the same project, it can be very helpful to have collaboration software such as Trello This helps us to keep the tasks of each of them separate and to be completely organized.


On the other hand, we find an interesting, very intuitive solution that allows us to manage group tasks and projects more than suitable for remote work, Todoist. To do this, he offers us a large number of integrated functions, suitable for both small and large groups. Its free version allows up to 80 simultaneous projects and five people per project. We also have paid versions with additional features like reminders, file sharing, etc. It should be noted that it integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar.