World of Tanks Blitz MMO, drive your tank and kill all the enemies

by Kelvin
Juego World of Tanks Blitz MMO


There are few who feel admiration for the mechanical devices that were used in the WWII and, among them, one of the ones that stand out the most are the tanks that put each of the powers into action (such as the German Panzer or the T-34 of the Soviet Union). With World of Tanks Blitz MMO You can put yourself at the controls and kill all the enemies.


This is a development that aims to confront other players who drive their own machining and, therefore, we talk about a multiplayer game that is not understood otherwise. Therefore the Internet use is completely necessary -There are several servers- to be able to enjoy the armored game power that, by the way, can evolve into weapons and protection to give the most effective result possible. Important: World of Tanks Blitz MMO is translated, so along with his initial assistant makes learning simple … but the truth is that it takes time to have a great ease (especially what has to do with movements).

The graphics that exist in the development are in three dimensions, with a fairly adequate quality, but with finishes that sometimes do not fit very well when performing antialiasing effects. In what has to do with compatibility for this reason, it must be said that the news is good, since it is not necessary to have a latest generation device since in models such as Samsung Galaxy S6 works perfectly development, no special delays unless the connection speed is not the best possible (with having 3G, everything works quite well, by the way).

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In the tests we have done there is something we liked a lot: the controls that are seen in the touch screen They are very well located, so do not bother at any time to review what is happening on the map you are playing and its access is quite convenient even on Android devices that have a large screen (above six inches). The point is that in less than three minutes you have enough ease to start racing without problems in World of Tanks Blitz MMO.

Graphic quality of World of Tanks Blitz MMO

Enjoy World of Tanks Blitz MMO

Enjoying this game is quite simple, since you simply have to drive the tank from one side to another and, to which you find enemies, destroy them giving use to howitzers you carry with you – there is different ammunition depending on the cannon you mount in your tank. Aiming has no mystery, since by fitting it in an armored rival is followed asthmatically to this … but it must be adjusted before launching the load, since otherwise it is very possible to fail (an excellent option mode sniper if you are what you want to go unnoticed).

It is important to take into account the shielding, which gives you points that are reduced with the impacts received and, as in reality, protection is less in the back or side zone, so it is important to always go straight in many cases (if you go to an unsuspecting enemy, it is time to take advantage of it). Something that is essential to learn in World of Tanks Blitz MMO is the shot in motion, since it is the one that gives you both attack and defense since you are not a static prey.

Tank destroyed in World of Tanks Blitz MMO

In what has to do with the missions, you will find in the battles different options victoria. There is no lack of total confrontation in which you have to end all rival tanks that go together … and others that simply capture a camp for a number of seconds is enough to win – always as a team. The truth is that it is quite complete and fun this game.

Download World of Tanks Blitz MMO

If you feel like wearing at the controls of a tank of the Second World War, this development is one of those that you should not fail to try since it offers some graphics that are interesting and, in addition, it is quite fun since it is played on the Internet. Download free you can get both in Galaxy Store as in Play Store, so you will have no problem to have it in your terminal.

Table edl game World of Tanks Blitz MMO

How to get World of Tanks Blitz MMO in Galaxy Store

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